The Laws of In-Laws for Harmonious Co-Existence

Nobody thinks about their parents-in-laws without dread. They’re always there, giving (often unsolicited) advice when you two are still in the courtship stage, forcing you to find the best catering in Manila for your wedding reception that matches their standards, and appearing in that same wedding reception and giving encouraging (sometimes subtly threatening) speeches. Once you marry your partner, they’ll be permanently stuck in your life. And to get along with them, you need to obey certain laws. Here are a few to get you started


Honor Your Parents-in-Law

It means being polite to them, even when they sometimes seemed rude to you. It also means respecting them and considering any advice they give you about your marriage. Parents still know best, even if you’re a grown-up. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything they say; there are some things you and your partner have to figure out on your own. And if you’re still thinking of being mean to your in-laws, imagine how you’d feel if you see your spouse acts the same towards your parents.




Accept Your Differences

Her father likes basketball while you prefer soccer. His mom loves vanilla ice cream whereas you like chocolate-flavored. It doesn’t matter. A lot of couples who have nothing in common can still have a successful and happy married life. That same principle applies in getting along with your in-laws and even your own parents. Just because their beliefs and principles are different from yours doesn’t mean they’re bad and you’re not. You guys are simply different from each other.

Make an Effort

Since your parents-in-laws and you are in it for the long haul, you might as well try to get along with them. Get to know them and find out what they like or what they don’t. Spend time with them and do simple things like the laundry or chores or watching series together. You’d surprised how much it helps! A little warning, though: Do it without being too annoying or overbearing. Otherwise, you might turn them off instead of build up the rapport you need.


"How NOT to be liked by your in-laws."

“How NOT to be liked by your in-laws.”



Kissing isn’t the best thing you can do with your lips, you know; communicating is! Besides, you can’t be all mushy with your parents-in-laws. Gross! Instead, have a proper conversation with them. No false courtesies, no non-sense, just plain old real talk. Also remember that you only have one mouth but two ears. So listen first before speaking.

Give Them Grandchildren

Giving your in-laws a kid to spoil is the best thing you can do to make them happy. That’s because by having a child, you’re giving them grandparent privileges. It means they’ll have someone other than you and your partner to focus their energy on. And it’s amazing how much a baby’s smile can endear you to your partner’s parents.


A wise man once said that when you marry someone, you marry the entire family too. That’s so true in many ways, especially when talking about the parents. Like it or not, your in-laws are here to stay. Just deal with it! Besides, they do want to be friends with you, you just have to work really hard at it.

Love Marriages VS Arranged Marriage – Which Really is Better?


Have you ever heard your parents make subtle hints about someone they want you to meet? How would you react if they tell you that they want you to marry that person, someone you barely even know? Would you thank them or would you be appalled? Believe it or not, it used to be unusual to get married because you have feelings for your partner. There was a time when marriages were arranged by parents, and they get to choose the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with; at least, if the parents of the other party agree. Some families still practice it here in the Philippines; they’ll even shoulder the expenses to get the best catering in manila if that’s what it takes.

But which really is the better choice: for duty or for affections? Let’s take a look at the facts:

Chances of dun-dun-dun DIVORCE

Statistic show that around 50% of love marriages end in divorce while the average percentage rate for couples in an arranged marriage is less than 10%. These facts have led even scholars to ask whether arranged marriages are better than love marriages. However, many experts suggest that these low rates may not reflect stability of the union; rather, it could be due to the possibility that some of the families who practice arranged marriage view divorce with disdain and would ostracize anyone willing to do so.

Life after exchanging vows

A lot of surveys and studies have been undertaken for decades to determine which union would lead to a better marital life. The results are mixed; neither love nor arranged marriages can guarantee that one is better than the other. Both can develop to loving and healthy relationships. And both have the potential to deteriorate into a dysfunctional union, with possibilities of marital abuse.

arranged marriage

Hu u?

Reasons for Marriage

There’s also the issue of the parent’s meddling to deal with. While most parents do pick the ideal spouse for their children, others tend to arrange marriage for wrong reasons (To preserve wealth, to achieve political ends, you name it!). It was even reported that some parents came to dislike their son- or daughter-in-law for certain irreconcilable differences they haven’t noticed before. In short, even if our parents do know best, they can make mistakes sometimes.

But it’s just emotions…

Love marriages are based on your affections for your partner. It’s initially more passionate and spontaneous, and a certain level of comfort and familiarity has been developed between the couple prior to tying the knot. However, no long-lasting marriage can be sustained by just emotions; for that you need devotion and commitment. You’d be surprised to know that many newly married couples miscalculated how ready they were for marriage, considering how unprepared they actually were to face these challenges.

Arranged marriage may not have the same sizzle as its autonomous counterpart, but it’s no less exciting. Ironically, adjusting to a married life with a spouse you barely know is easier than doing it with someone you’ve known for quite some time. They also tend to be more sensitive to their partner’s needs, as people who just met are. And the best part is, arranged marriage is based on commitment first. Their love and affection for each other would develop overtime.

These show that both love marriages and arranged marriages have its different advantages and disadvantages. In the end, all that matters is that you honor your commitment to the person with whom you exchanged vows, and that you’re willing to stay by his or her side ‘til death do you part.

The Best Man’s Guide to Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Are you feeling edgy as your wedding day draws near? Considering making a run for it? Well, don’t even think about it! Don’t you dare worry about whether or not you could get through with this, or about how the wedding’s going to go (unless you still haven’t called the best wedding catering services around, in which case, you’d better call now).

Most grooms do get pre-wedding jitters before the date, but that’s completely normal. Heck, your bride is probably as scared as you, if not more! Marriage is a really huge commitment to make, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go through with it. After all, why propose in the first place? Because you love her, of course! Marriage is a wonderful and exciting adventure, and isn’t it one of your life goals to tie the knot with the girl of your dreams?

From one man to another, here are a few things to remember to help you (or the groom, if you dear reader are the best man) get over your pre-wedding jitters.

pre-wedding jitters 3

Nobody’s perfect.

No, you’re not going to marry the perfect girl. But that’s okay (It’s great, in fact!), since you’re not perfect either, and marriage is about two flawed individuals working together to build a strong and loving partnership. It won’t be a perfect relationship; like everything else in life, marriage has ups and downs. But that’s no reason to back down on your commitment. Besides, it’s not about marrying the right person, but being the right person for the one you love.

Don’t worry about expectations.

Are you scared of disappointing your future wife? Or are you afraid of being disappointed in her? Both of you have expectations in marriage, but there’s no sense getting worked up about them. Yes, some of your expectations won’t be met (and hers too). But that’s marriage for you, buddy; it’s full of surprises, and a lot of them are actually pretty wonderful.

pre-wedding jitters 2
Are you having second thoughts?

Are you really just feeling pre-wedding jitters because you feel like it’s such a huge event in your life or are you actually questioning your decision? Do you really want to marry that girl? If you know deep in your heart that you love her, then calm your tits, bro! If no, then ask yourself why. Is there something about her that you feel won’t be able to cope with? Or are you still struggling with something that your future wife might not be able to deal with? You should try to solve these issues at least before putting the ring on. Remember that once you’re in, you’re in it for life.

Pause. Take a deep breath. Ponder.

Still thinking of running away? Stop and think about it for a while. Think of what you’re planning to do. Think of that awesome girl you’re about to marry. Is leaving her really worth it? Dude, don’t do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. You might not get a second chance.


Tell your best man.

That’s the best advice you can get. Confide everything you’re feeling or thinking of doing in your best man, so you’ll have somebody who can foil your escape plan. Better yet, he can remind you precisely how much you want to marry your bride-to-be, and how he saw how in love you are with her through all this time. And in case you’re already at the end of the aisle and you’re still anxious, we’ll have a big juicy slap ready for you! (Although we’re pretty sure once the bride walks down the aisle you’ll be absolutely sure you want to get married.)

In the end, it’s really up to you if you want to give in to your pre-wedding jitters or not. And we’re pretty sure you don’t, why else did you bother proposing and planning the whole wedding in the first place?


“Marry Me, Please?” 4 Unique Ways to Pop the Question

Proposing marriage to your one true love is one of the most defining moments of your relationship. That’s why you should make it unforgettable, and the best way to do that is to be creative. It would take time and dedication depending on how elaborate your plan is, but it’ll be worth it in the end! Call the best catering services in Manila and ask them and your family (assuming you already received permission from her father to marry his daughter) and friends to help you prepare an engagement party beforehand. Let’s have a look at four wedding proposals that have worked out nicely.

Lip-Syncing and Dancing Your Way

On May 23, 2012, Amy was invited to dinner by her then-boyfriend Isaac Lamb at his parent’s house. Little does she know that she’s in for the most awesome surprise of her life! It was clear that the event was staged from the very beginning. Or maybe she was really waiting for it for quite some time and is acting surprised. The performance seems to star all the people nearest and dearest to their hearts, which is what makes this proposal even more special!

Use Your Favorite Meme

This wedding proposal is simply delivered yet it’s unique in its own way. The couple in the video is Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam, one of the co-founders of Nuffnang, and Audrey Ooi Feng Ling, a blogger. They’re now happily married. Both seemed to be huge fans of memes. Despite the funny photos used, it’s still enough to make you cry tears of joy. And you can see how sincere the guy was for his girlfriend the way he looks at her. (Warning: some curse words made it through some of the memes.)

Subway Proposal

Another way to pop the question would be in a moving train, surrounded by a choir disguised as passengers who suddenly sing Lovely Day by Bill Withers together. They even had a piano on board! Just so you’ll know, the reason for the song choice is that it’s the girl’s favorite. In case you’re thinking of trying it out on your girl, you should at least use her favorite song. And in case you can’t afford a choir, you can call on some of your vocally gifted friends to help you out.

The Future Love Letter

engagement letter

This proposal is ideal for childhood sweethearts who aren’t quite ready for the next level of commitment yet. It takes time, patience and faith. Here’s how you do it: Write a really good love letter, telling her how you feel and ending with you asking your girlfriend to marry you. Afterwards, put it in a time capsule and bury it somewhere (it can be in her backyard or someplace special to you both). Wait a few years until you’re both ready for marriage. Then take your girlfriend there, unearth the capsule and let her read the letter. Have the ring ready and kneel at the right moment.

You can choose to model your own wedding proposal plans to these four if you wish. Or you can think up of your own way to ask your significant other to marry you. If you were to propose (or be proposed to), how would you like it to go? Tell us on the comment section below!

“Time to Party!” 5 Uncommon Reasons to Throw a Big Party

Who said you can’t throw parties unless there’s a wedding or birthday going on? Believe it or not, there are thousands of different reasons why you should have a party. You can even schedule one for each day of the year (throw in an extra 366th party for every leap year too)! Use any excuse you can think of just so you can taste the exceptional dishes made by your favourite Manila catering services, although some of these events can make do with really great dishes that you and your family or friends can make yourself.

If you’re having problems making up excuses to have fun, here are a few suggestions:

You left your job for a better one.


Why stay in your current job when there are better opportunities waving at you? Quit that job now and pursue your dreams by finding the career you’ll love! If you don’t, you’ll probably look 100 years old by your next birthday comes. Besides, it’s better than doing nothing except feel sorry for yourself and think of what-ifs. And while you’re at it, why not throw a party or two as well? It’ll be fun and it’ll be cost-effective (if you can get people to bring food). You might even meet the people who’ll help you out a lot in the future.

It’s your pet’s birthday.


No other occasion is more important (except your own birthday, of course! But don’t let them hear you say that). Call your friends and your pet’s, reminding them what day it is and telling them to bring gifts. While waiting, prepare treats for the pets and gets some snacks for yourself and the other humans too. You can even buy or bake a cake for the party.

You ended a toxic relationship.


This isn’t exactly a brand new reason to celebrate, but, heck, it’s just the thing you need to move on! Instead of having a pity party, why not throw a happier one? You probably have several friends who are more than willing to be there for you now that you need comfort (food). Besides, crying your eyes out for someone who doesn’t appreciate your true value or someone you have no future with is downright pointless. It’s also useless to harbour bitter feelings; that’d be more harmful for you than to the other person. And who knows, you might even meet your future fiancée there..

It’s your first broken bone.


Got into the wrong end of an altercation or accident that left you with a bone or two broken, but you managed to survive the whole thing and are now feeling better? Call your friends quickly and tell them to go to the hospital! And tell them to bring food and drinks while they’re at it. Nothing helps you recover from injuries faster than great friends with whom you can laugh off your misfortune. And it’d be cool to have your cast signed by your visiting crush.

For “No Reason”.

Chicken Dance

The best reason why you should throw a party is – nothing! You don’t always need a reason to find time to kick back and relax with your family members and our friends. In fact, having each other in your lives should be reason enough to celebrate at least a few times every year.

So there you have it; uncommon, silly reasons why you should party. Maybe it isn’t so silly after all, because life is so short that hey, we’re entitled to have a little fun with great food and even better company! We may not always be free of problems, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good time every now and then and overall just celebrate even the little things in life. Party on!

20 Cheesy Lines to Try on Your Fiancée

A guy would go through all lengths just to catch the girl of his affection’s attention. More often than not, they succumb to using pick-up lines, because let’s face it, how else can you hint in a subtle (blatantly obvious) manner that you’re quite possible interested in dating this person? And the great thing is, pick-up lines can be found everywhere. You can find it in movies, books, on the internet. You can even make one yourself (new DIY project?), if you’re creative or corny enough. Generally speaking, it is used to let the other person know that you want to get to know her (or him, we won’t judge) better.

Now you and your fiancée may have been dating for a long time and are already at the point of picking out china patterns and deciding on which wedding catering services to get for the big day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep trying to catch her attention. If you’re a little rusty, we’re here to help! Below are 20 cheesy lines taken from various websites and resident loverboys that you can use.

1. “My friend over there really wants your number, so they know where to contact me in the morning.”
2. “Is your last name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get.”
3. “Keyboard ka ba? Kasi type kita eh.”
4. “Oh man, somebody farted! Let’s get out of here!”
5. “I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.”
6. “Mushroom ka ba? Kasi dahil sayo, nagiging mushroomantic ako!”

Pick Up Girls
7. “Dang, did you bleach your teeth? ‘Cause your smile lights up the entire room like a candle in the dark.”
8. “Gaano ka katangkad? Pano ka ba nagkasya sa puso ko?”
9. “I can’t stay away from you. It’s like I’m a fly and you’re poop.”
10. “Geometry ba ang favourite subject mo? Kasi kahit anong anggulo, ang ganda mo.”
11. “Are you an alien? Coz you just abducted my heart.”
12. “Baby, you are everything I never knew I always wanted.”

Dance for you
13. “May license ka ba? Kasi you’re driving me crazy!”
14. “Damn girl, you have more curves than a race track.”
15. “Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, wag lang taguan. Coz a girl like you is hard to find.”
16. “Chinese ka ba? Kasi I’ll siomai love to you, I hopia love me too.”
17. “You know you’re good enough to give my last name to.”
18. “If girls were boogers, I’d pick you first.”
19. “I’d like to father your children.”
20. “You must be a banana, because I find you a peeling.”


When using pick-up lines, it’s best to be creative and original. As much as possible, you should use pleasant one-liners that you can both understand and appreciate. You should also make sure that the lines that you say are based on how you actually feel about her! Don’t just say things for the sake of being funny; do it not only because it will make you two laugh, but also because you actually feel that way about her. And if after throwing her some of these lines your fiancée still tells you she loves you and can’t wait to marry you, well you’re one lucky guy!

3 Mouth-Watering Brown Rice Dishes You Should Try

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose brown rice over white rice. For one thing, it’s the better option for people who are thinking of going on a diet. It’s also ideal for guys who want to add more muscle. Brown rice is also preferred by diabetics, as white rice can cause them rapid increase in blood sugar levels. More people are beginning to appreciate the advantages of organic rice over its fluffy white cousin, and even Manila catering services have started to put brown rice meals on their menu. Below are three mouth-watering brown rice meals that would definitely make your day extra special:

Pancake House’s Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf

Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf

Seriously, this is the one dish (aside from the pancakes) you should order if ever you decide to visit Pancake House. The chicken meat is cooked to perfection, rendering it juicy and tender. Meanwhile the brown rice is loaded with tasty spices and vegetables. The meal is served with rich, thick and creamy garlic mayonnaise and is spruced up with a lemon wedge. With so many flavors loaded in a single dish, you’re definitely going to walk out full and satisfied.

Spicy Chickpeas and Brown Rice

Spicy Chickpeas and Brown Rice

Very tasty and easy to cook, this brown rice dish is definitely something new to add on your list of favorite recipes. It’s also ideal for vegetarians or for people who need to avoid meat for a while. Here are the ingredients you need and the procedure you can follow:


1 chopped medium onion
2 minced garlic cloves
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups cooked long grain brown rice
1 can chickpeas (drained it and wash it first)
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram
1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric


1. Saute the garlic and onion in olive oil on a large pan over medium-high heat. Stir constantly until ingredients are tender.
2. Add the cooked brown rice and the other ingredients in the pan and cover it. Reduce the heat to low temperatures and let the dish simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Brown Rice Champorado

Brown Rice Champorado

Champorado has always been one of the best known Filipino dishes. A mixture of rice, cocoa powder, water and sugar, the rice porridge is boiled into a mouth-watering chocolate delicacy that has made its mark in Filipino hearts as great comfort food. Now the traditional main ingredient used is the sticky, glutinous rice. But that doesn’t mean we can’t alter it with the healthier brown rice.


1/3 cup brown rice
3 1/4 cups water
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 can evaporated milk


1. Soak the brown rice in 1 cup water for 1 hour.
2. Switch on the burner to medium heat 5 minutes before the end of 1 hour soaking of the rice.
3. Cook the brown rice on 3 cups of water in medium to high heat until boiling. Stir occasionally.
4. Add cocoa and sugar and cook for another 10 minutes while stirring constantly.
5. Serve hot with evaporated milk for additional flavor.
6. To make it extra special, eat the dish with fried salted fish.

Looks tasty, doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Stop day-dreaming about it and start cooking!

Respecting Beliefs: How Interfaith Marriages Work

We don’t choose who we fall in love with, sometimes it happens before we even realize it. But not everything works out the way we want it to. One simply can’t expect everything to fall into place just because we love someone. What happens when you don’t have the same beliefs? Do you just let go and move on, or do you stick with the relationship even if you’re unsure what’s going to happen in the long run?

Don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to pick up the phone and call in a wedding planner, book your favourite bands, hire the Manila catering service that serves your favourite dishes, and everything else you need for that wedding. Yes, it’s still possible to marry your loved one, regardless of having different beliefs. Coming from those who have been there and continue to have a happy marriage in spite of their different faiths, here’s how you and your partner too can make an interfaith marriage work:

love is love

Learn about each other’s religion

Knowing the background of their religion, why they do this and why they do that won’t hurt you or unnecessarily offend you. In fact it could strengthen your relationship even more. Learning about their practices and traditions will help you understand your partner in more ways than one. You don’t necessarily need to practice it, studying one’s faith doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your own. Your partner will definitely appreciate your efforts. Ignorance is not an excuse, you don’t want to break up just because you accidentally offended each other, right?

Accept your differences

Set time to talk about your faith, beliefs and views on religion. Share your opinions and be open minded. A better understanding of why they chose this kind of life will make it easier for both of you to accept the differences you have. You should know that by marrying a person from another faith, you have to respect and accept their practices. Never ever force your beliefs on them.

interfaith marriages

Plan and Compromise

Marriage is only the first step, how you go about what happens after is what’s important. Discuss both your expectations. How will your daily lives be? How will your children be raised? How will your holidays be spent? You might encounter difficulties and you’ll definitely have disagreements but that’s something you have to learn how to live with. Set a middle ground you can both agree on.

Consider getting counseling

If you have a hard time working things out by yourselves, then you might want to consider going for counseling. Get unbiased opinions and advices from a professional. You can also ask other interfaith couples about their experiences, challenges and how they overcame them. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a 3rd party, it’s the best way to get objective insight on your marriage life.

By marrying someone, you promise to love and support them for the rest of your lives. You can’t give up at the first sign of hardship. Marriage isn’t something you can easily undo. Even marriage between people with the same faith could end up in shambles if they have the wrong mindset.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson

There have been a lot of interfaith marriages throughout the world that worked out fine. A good example would be Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. Tom is a protestant and Rita practices Greek Orthodox. They have been together since 1988, they worked out their differences and lived a happy life together.  If you believe in it, love can really conquer all! In the end the key to having a successful happy marriage all depends on you and your partner.

“Could they BE any sweeter?” 5 Inspiring Weddings in Sitcoms

A live filed with love is a life with laughter. That is why there’s a couple in sitcoms most of the time. And if the couple is not part of the main plot, then they will at least be part of a subplot, because everybody loves romance. And most couples usually end up in front of the altar, exchanging vows. However, unlike real-life nuptials, they are a lot weirder.

Here are five nuptials from sitcoms that will inspire you to get wed so strongly that you’ll be printing up invitations, calling up singers, and saving up for a wedding catering.

Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

marshall-and-lily wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be a perfect day, which means everything will go according to plan, right? Not really. On the day Lily and Marshall got hitched, there were a lot of glitches: the veil got torn, Lily’s ex showed up, one of the harpists went into labor, and Marshall had a bad dye job and hairdo. Still, everything turned out more than okay. In fact, it was even legendary.

Liz Lemon and Criss Chros from 30 Rock


Liz, a feminist and a TV writer, is the type of woman who would defy social norms just for the sake of defying them, and that includes marriage. But when she and her boyfriend Criss Chros found out that it’s much easier to adopt children when you’re married, Liz finally agrees to tie the knot with Criss. Being a Star Wars fan that she is, she got hitched looking like Princess Leia, with Tony Bennett as her wedding singer, and her boss Jack as one of the guests. Crazy.

Howard and Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory

Howard and Bernadette wedding

Nerds, no matter how smart, are fools when it comes to love. Still, their antics in the ways of the heart are definitely sweet, and Howard and Bernadette’s wedding is proof of this. Although the ceremony was held in an unromantic place – the rooftop of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment building, and the one who officiated was just online, it still turned out a very inspiring ceremony. And for the geek kicker, their photo was taken by a Google satellite.

Monica and Chandler from Friends

monica and chandler wedding

Of course, who can forget Friends? For the seventh season’s finale, the show had Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Chandler, who was at first got cold feet from the nuptials, manned up at the perfect moment, and officially tied the knot with Monica. Instead of the usual scripted vows, they exchanged more heartfelt and personal ones, making the occasion a lot more sincere and heartfelt, and the episode one of the best in its long run.

Carol and Burt from Glee

Burt and Carol wedding

What’s a wedding without singing? That is why the Glee Club put a high note on Carol and Burt’s nuptials. With their rendition of The JK Wedding Dance Entrance and Bruno Mars’s Marry You, the episode filled everyone with glee.

Jim and Pam from The Office


Some say the workplace is the best place to find love, while others say it’s the worst. Well, whatever your stand on this may be, we can’t deny that Jim and Pam had one of the best sitcom weddings ever. Running from your friends and family, getting married in Niagara Falls, and just enjoying each other – what an awesome way to kick off ‘til death do us part.

Now that you’ve seen how sitcom weddings turn out, don’t you wish yours would turn out just as awesome as theirs? Which sitcom wedding do you wish will be how your own wedding will turn out? Tell us in the comments section below!

The Origins of 5 Wedding Traditions


As a child you probably remember your parents dragging you along to weddings. If so, you probably also remember the best catering service in Manila serving the food and women lining up to fight over a bouquet of flowers. Did you remember thinking they looked absolutely silly? Over the years you’d probably witness a whole lot of wedding traditions like throwing the bride’s garter and showering the new couple with rice grains but have you ever wondered how these started and why people actually do it? Here are a number of wedding traditions and their origins:

White Gowns

There was a time where brides just wore their best dress to their weddings. They did this until Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert wearing a white lace gown in 1840. The white wedding gown started trending among women and eventually stuck as a tradition.

Bouquet and Garter Throwing

Single ladies pushing at each other and fighting over a bouquet of flowers in hopes of being the next bride while the men struggle to win the bride’s garter. This is a usual scene you’d see in a wedding and as funny as it sounds, some of the guests actually take this seriously. This tradition has been traced to originate way back from England where guests fight over pieces of the bride’s gown to receive luck and blessing. Of course brides weren’t fond of getting their dress torn apart and therefore found a less violent alternative which is the bouquet and garter throwing.

Father walking the Bride down the Aisle

One of the most touching part of the wedding is when the father hands his precious daughter to the groom, entrusting his daughter to another man and knowing he will take care of her. This tradition holds so much meaning nowadays who would have thought that fathers before did this to seal a deal with the groom? Apparently this all started long ago when arranged marriages were still common. Father’s walked the bride down the aisle to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch.


Wedding Veil

Though wedding veils are now only seen as an accessory to the bride’s wedding gown there used to be a time where the people believed that these veils were more than that. During the Victorian period, they wore  flame colored veils to ward of any spirits that wants to harm the bride. Brides were seen as vulnerable and weak therefore needed to be hidden underneath the veil.

Showering the newlywed with rice grains

After the wedding ceremony, the guests line up outside the church to shower the newlywed couple with rice grains as they leave the venue. People believe that this gesture will bless the couple and their married life will continually be ‘showered’ with blessings. In the roman times, they used to throw wheat at the married couple but turned into rice under Queen Elizabeth’s reign because it was a cheaper alternative.

Some of these traditions may seem silly but despite being seemingly irrational has become a significant part of history. Perhaps people take part in these just to uphold the tradition or maybe because they still believed in the meaning of these practices.  A lot might have changed through the years but the meaning of marriage certainly doesn’t. You might choose to exclude yourselves from these old tradition but getting married still symbolizes the love between a man and a woman who chooses to spend the rest of their lives together.