7 Mouth-Watering Salads to Serve at your Wedding

The wedding bells are ringing! It means another lovely couple set to face the future together – oh yes, that’s you! Another sumptuous wedding cake adorned with flowers and figurines. Another toast of wine for the newlyweds. Another splendid reception brought by a superb catering service.

And yours – another wedding to happen. But why settle for an average experience if you can have a memorable wedding day? It doesn’t have to be “The Royal Wedding” or “The Wedding of the Decade.” The key is in the details. If your wedding details are memorable, then the wedding is surely an unforgettable one.
It can be the impressive wedding venue, or your unique and personalized wedding vows, or these mouth-watering salads served at your wedding.

Lemon-Basil Shrimp Salad


Yummy! The name alone is mouth-watering. Who wouldn’t crave for this salad on your wedding day? What make this salad recipe special are the fresh lemon rind and the juice in the lemon-basil marinade. That’s aside from the fact that the shrimps alone are delicious enough. Here’s the recipe.

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Oh, look! It’s a confetti of fresh and crispy vegetables dressed in sweet sauce! Aside from keeping you and your guests healthy, this salad is perfect to balance the green and meat in your wedding meals. Get the recipe here.

Cranberry-Nectarine Salad


Got something grilled in your menu, perhaps tuna belly or pork chop? Perfect! This green salad tossed with blue cheese, walnuts, and toasted ramen noodles is for you! The recipe here waits to be explored! 

Peanutty Coleslaw


Peanut, ginger and wasabi paste? Who would have thought these three go along very well? Uniquely Asian, this salad is ready to take the limelight! Be ready for photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter featuring this flavorful salad instead of you or your guests. Easy recipe here

Tomato and Cucumber Salad


This delightful and colorful salad is the best appetizer your wedding will have! It’s sliced ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion just chilling out together. But it’s the real deal – an explosion of flavors inside the mouth! The recipe is yours here.

Honey-Chicken Salad


Everyone loves honey and chicken! So why not make one for your wedding salad? Your guests will love the sweet mayonnaise-and-honey mixture absolutely matching the romantic aura of your wedding. Within 20 minutes, you have one flavorful salad to savor. Get the recipe here.

Honey-Chicken Salad


Bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon? Nobody, right? Potato salad alone is appealing, but put some appetizing, tasty bacon strips and you’ll have the best salad ever! Don’t be surprised if your guests won’t leave the salad alone. The irresistible flavors will make them ask for more. You just have to cook potatoes for 18 minutes, prepare the salad for 15 minutes, and chill them for 1 hour – and voila! Recipe here.

Who would have thought salads can be this easy and delicious? Prepare at least one of these salads in your wedding, or ask your wedding catering service provider about appealing salads in their menu. Make magic happen.

5 People Who Shouldn’t Be At Your Wedding


Creating a guest list is notoriously one of the most difficult tasks in wedding planning. Maybe your mom is pushing you to invite her friends or your in-laws are asking for extra seats for their neighbors. Sometimes, it can really make you go nuts! But there’s hope!

Before you seal that envelope for your wedding invitation or write that name in elegant calligraphy, give your wedding list another look. And then again. Read the names individually — is each one worthy of the seat in your wedding ceremony? Are you sure you need those names in your headcount for the catering services? Are they really who your guests should be? Out of stress, you might probably overlook some names that can actually be “for removals” in your list.

Who are those people you should not invite to your wedding? Read on.


Admit it. There’s nothing adorable about inviting your fake friends. After all, why invite people who don’t really share in your joys? Perhaps you just wanted to make them jealous that you finally found love – while they are still so miserable in their own lives. Do you think it’s worth the risk? What if they make a scene during the ceremony? To make your mind at peace during your big day, just don’t invite them.


Does it need to be explained? Unless your ex is your groom’s best friend and they reconciled years after the “bro code’ was broken, there is no good reason to invite ex-lovers. It would only give your wedding awkward moments. Imagine getting a wedding toast or dance from him! Eeeek!

Distant Relatives

Probably you asked, “How about the son of the nephew of my dad’s grandaunt?” Sure, he is a relative. But is his presence crucial to your wedding? If you don’t have a personal relationship with your relatives, aside from sharing the same family tree, you are not obliged to make him as your guest.


Don’t feel bad to take out your neighbors from your guest list. After all, what do you share in common aside from the subdivision you are currently living in? However, if you know them very well and consider them as family friends, then you should reserve a seat or two for them.

Party Ruiners

Remember the last time your family had a reunion and your Uncle Joey was so drunk that he vomited all over the floor? Uh oh… Or how about that party where your friend ended up talking embarrassing stories about herself (or worse, about you!) out of drunkenness?



Engaged couples should discuss their guest list at meticulously!

Darling, your wedding day is your special day. So relieve yourself from stress by carefully considering people who have bad track record of causing major problems at parties. Think again and at least consult others before inviting them.

Your wedding ceremony is sacred, thus being invited there should be an honor for your guests. Don’t rush into completing your guest list if you still need time to consider who should be there and whom you won’t miss. It is best to take your time thinking even the most little details of your plan than regretting it later just because someone who is not worthy to be a guest caused drama on your wedding day. It’s supposed to be a day when love and joy will just fill you, not annoyance or angst. So keep these people in mind.


7 Dreamy Songs to Request from the Wedding Singer

The night before your wedding, you try on your veil, pick the flowers from your vase as a proxy for your bouquet of flowers for tomorrow, and smile on your reflection on the mirror. “I can’t believe it! I’m getting married!” you giggle. Everything’s already set! Calls were made much earlier to the coordinator of the Intramuros church, event planner of the Malate venue, and chef of the Manila catering to check final details of your wedding. You can’t be happier with this!

But how about the music?

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, they had Ellie Goulding sang her rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song” for their wedding dance. It was an adorable song that awed everyone present. You, too, can have that inspiring, fairy-tale like wedding ambience if you know what songs to request from the wedding singer.

Here are our suggestions.

When God Made You – Newsong feat. Natalie Grant

When you met your loved one, have you ever wondered why you two are so compatible? Both of you agree that pizza is what life means, archery is next to your soul, and playing a computer game is what a good day is. It was as if he was your long-lost twin – except that you were not related in any blood line.

This song explains it all: “When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.” Yes. You two are inseparable because when God made your sweetheart, He knew what exactly you are looking for in a partner. And here you are right now – marrying the perfect partner for you!

The Way You Smile – Newsong feat. Francesca Battistelli

“There’s a million more, these are just a few of the many reasons I love you” says a line from this song. Wait… isn’t that your love story?

It’s the way he amuses you with an intelligent discussion. It’s in the way he cooks food for you – something you did not think at first that he is capable of. It’s the way he smiles at you just to reassure he is madly in love with you. There’s a whole lot reasons more to love him – but simply, you love him for being him! So why not request this song from your wedding singer?

Celeste – Ezra Vine

Speaking of dreamy, this song is what ‘dreamy’ is all about. Yes, finally you found your soul mate – isn’t that something out of a dream? Face it. Your love story is so good to be true that you can’t even believe this wedding is real!

But hey, not everyone gets the same love story as yours! Some people ended up broken hearted for the rest of their lives, others don’t get married to the ones they truly love, but you! You have someone to cherish inside your heart for real. It’s a dream come true!

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson

Classic yet romantic! Who won’t fall in love with this song enough to make your close friends and families cry? ‘Cause after all the challenges you faced together as a couple, you remained faithful to each other.

Your love story is a sincere one – out of pure love overflowing from your good hearts. Every day, you look at him and can’t imagine yourself with another person. More than that, you find yourself falling again and again for him. You just can’t help it! What could be a better song for you? Nothing else but this straight from the heart rendition of Ingrid Michaelson.

Runaway – The Corrs

Another classic, but it’s the song you should not miss! Aside from the soothing sound of violin, it’s a song which expresses with solemnity how much you two love each other. You can runaway anywhere in the world – as long as you have each other.  For you, nothing is as important as your partner. Yes, that passionate and sentimental feeling is definitely what makes your bond stronger.

I See The Light – Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

At last, you see the light. You questioned love a lot. You saw your friends happy with their own sweethearts. You encountered love in television and radio shows. But no. You never know what love is until this man came. Your whole world suddenly shifted. The prince is finally here – the right person in the right place on the right time. Now, you can whisper to your future kids what a true love is.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

You two are on your way to forever, so why not request a song that will reflect your love that will last beyond centuries? You waited for a love like this for so long. You almost lost hope. But no. Love is here; it’s real. Now, you are more than 100% sure that you can live your whole life loving him. Be it a thousand years or even forever.

There – the dreamy songs to reflect your dream come true wedding. Request them from your wedding singer, and you’re sure to have the best day of your life ever.

Are there other songs you think would be perfect for weddings? Please share on the comments section below!

“Staying Strong” 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

dog couple

So after the bliss of your wedding, what’s next? After the sacred wedding ceremony in San Agustin Church, the delightful wedding catering in Manila, and the rhapsodic honeymoon in Boracay almost a year ago here you are now: looking forward to your wedding anniversary celebration. Congratulations!

Celebrating nourishes the love within you. Ah, love – the sweet things it brings! For the first time in forever, you found someone who completely turned your world around, worthy of trust with things you wouldn’t want others to hear, and shares your hopes, dreams, goals and disappointments. Isn’t it a glorious time to reminisce you wedding vows, and that first date when you dressed impeccably to impress her?

To commemorate the day you said ‘I do’ need not to be typical, expensive and boring. Try these 5 unique ways!

Playing A Sport Together!

Don’t you know that a couple that plays together, stays together?

If you want proof, the Sochi Winter Olympics can do that. Canada’s speed skating superstars, Charlie Hamelin and Marianne St-Gelais, and Russia’s snowboarding powerhouse pair, Vic Wild and Alena Zavarina, are just some of the couples who know how to combine sport and romance perfectly.

Decide to get into a sport together and really invest in both for your own personal growth and as a new way for you two to bond as a couple. Play tennis, or perhaps golf. If you’re a super cool pair, get into archery! If you don’t have a common ground in sports, then maybe it’s time to try a completely new sport together.

Travel!couple travel

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of travelling as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Okay, so this isn’t really the most unique way to spend your anniversary, but travelling out of the country together is a classic way for couples to celebrate for a reason. You collect memories together in different locations, get to have epic couple selfies, and bring out the best from each other as you conquer strange things in strange lands.

And a bonus: being together more than 24 hours in tough times such as getting lost is the ultimate litmus test of your love. So enjoy!

Go on a Road Trip!

Riding off together into the sunset doesn’t always have to be an out-of-the-country thing.

With careful planning, road trips can be a wonderful chance to bond and build a gallery of fondly shared experiences together. Imagine spending the entire day journeying together to the end of the road. Nothing and no one else but you two.

Now who says road trip is for teenagers only? Nobody (and if anyone ever does, start your engine and go).

Bake Your Anniversary Cake!

My, my, my! What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary!

You can create a simple one-layered cake by baking a round, square or rectangular cake and decorating it with figurines of couples, monograms, plastic hearts and etc. Be cheesy and cuddly with those quick kiss on the cheeks as you beat the egg, check the oven and put icing on the cake top. The best thing about this is you can eat your labor of love afterwards or share it with your family and friends.

Sweet, isn’t it?

Have A Picnic Night Together!

Go for a free yet romantic picnic near a beach, or in the middle of a grassland park. Exchange sandwiches as you lean on each other’s shoulders and observe people pass by. Laugh at each other’s jokes as the leaves of trees behind you fell on the ground. Embrace each other as you watch the sunset or the waves of the sea.

If you’re not near to a beach or a grassland, have a backyard picnic at night! Lie down and watch the stars as you tell each other of deepest joys and secrets.

Smile and have your photos taken!

With these small yet grandeur tips, you are sure to have a ‘staying strong and better’ marriage. Happy anniversary!

The Newlywed’s Guide to Making Awesome Giveaways

Every couple goes through the careful process of planning of their special day to make their dream wedding come true. Aside from choosing what Catering service in Manila they will hire, they also need to decide on  the venue, motif and of course the giveaways. Couples in a tight budget often opt to make their own wedding giveaways to save some cash. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine! Here are a newlywed’s guide to making awesome giveaways:

Set a budget to work with.


Pricey giveaways can make a big difference in your wedding budget. Not everyone can afford to give out expensive wine bottle openers on their big day but you can always choose to make DIY crafts instead. You don’t have to choose something expensive to show your appreciation, as long as it’s from the heart the guests will definitely treasure them.

Decide what to create


Recall all the wedding giveaways you guys have received in your life and browse the internet for inspiration. (Pinterest is a great place to start!) These souvenirs are given to the guests to show the couple’s gratitude. It is given to the people who took the time to witness and celebrate the wedding. Some common DIY giveaways are soaps, candles and baked goodies. Although if you choose to give out yummy treats, make sure to consider its expiration date!

Think outside the box


You can choose a common DIY project but try to make it uniquely yours. For example, if you choose soaps, don’t just give out ordinary bar soaps! Mold the soaps into different shapes like a wedding dress or a top hat. You can make wine scented candles or desserts in mini jars. If you’re going to have a vintage theme, use old school magazines as a wrapper to make it more unique. There are a lot of creative ideas to choose from! Unique giveaways will make the wedding day more memorable for you and your guests.

Add some personal touches

personal touches

The greatest thing about creating your own party favors is that you can add your own personal touches to it. Make your guest feel more special by adding personal notes or messages in it. You can even add stickers or photos. Since you can’t personally thank all your guests one by one, you’ll be able to do so with your awesome personalized giveaways! You and your other half will have to put in extra effort but it will definitely help your guests feel even closer to you.

Plan in advance


It’s not a homework you can copy from your classmate in the morning, don’t cram everything in one day. Make sure you purchase everything you need from the store — avoid forget anything by making a complete list of the items and where you can purchase them. Canvas and compare the prices of the materials you need to save extra cash. Decide and set the dates of when you will make the giveaways. If you have plenty of guests, don’t stress yourself too much. You can always ask for help from your family or friends!

Keep your guests in mind


Although they aren’t there for the freebies they will definitely appreciate any remembrance from the wedding (the heavenly food alone is more than enough!), it wouldn’t hurt to think about what the guests would actually like or find useful.

Don’t worry about giveaways being cheesy, common or inexpensive! Wedding favors are given to say “thank you” and kept as a momento of the couple’s wedding day. Whether you choose to buy or create your own party favors, always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

7 Traits of the Perfect Wedding Guest

When your friend popped the news, you jumped and shrieked and flailed your arms from sheer excitement. Who wouldn’t? After all, everyone dreams of finding the right person to spend the rest of their lives with, and when it happens to someone you care about, it’s pretty exciting — the big day is finally coming!

Okay, you’re happy for your friend, we get it. But we know what you’re really thinking right now – what on earth are you going to wear?

Veer away from that for a while, friend. There’s more to attending wedding than dressing fabulous and showering the newly-weds with gifts and praises and stuffing yourself with food from the wedding catering. Seriously, you have responsibilities as guest!

Read on the traits of a perfect wedding guest and keep these in mind.

Bouquet Toss

The Perfect Guest RSVPs

So you got that invitation, great! Don’t just shrug off and think ‘Eh, they know I will/won’t be coming.’ No they will not! Even so, they are swamped with he proper thing to do is to RSVP so they can keep an official record of who’s going and who is not. You might think it’s not that big a deal, but it helps a lot for preparations early on, especially with the seating and the catering arrangements. So as soon as you get that invitation congratulate them and decide if you can (and want to) go. Whether you can or can’t, you must respond as soon as possible on or before the R.S.V.P. date on the invitation.

The Perfect Guest does not bring unexpected guests

Yes, you got an invitation. Happy for you. But, is it wise to call all your peeps and go to the reception like attacking Spartans? It’s not your wedding, dude. Unless it says that you can bring your significant other or tag a your friend or relative along, do not assume that you have the permission to do so. Most weddings have a limited number of guests so bringing people who may excess the head count will definitely ruin the occasion, so make sure your friend is included in the RSVP.

The Perfect Guest dresses appropriately.

I know you have been really wondering about the dress. If you are a female, wear anything fabulous – except a white, lacy dress. Uh oh. Not off-white and ivory, too! Don’t take away the spotlight from the bride on her special day by wearing her color.

Consider the season, time and ceremony of the wedding. A floral dress will do well for women and a light-colored suit and/or shirt and tie for men in a summer lunch reception. Wear cocktail dress (if you are female) or darker suits (if you are male) for formal evening weddings. Also, if the ceremony will be held in a religious site, remember to cover your skin.

Wedding Guest Attire

The Perfect Guest gives generously to the couple

Don’t be that guy who comes to a wedding just for the food! It’s always a courtesy to give the newly-weds a gift, and at the very least, your blessings and a congratulatory card. Remember, it’s a celebration so send them something which shows you are one in their wedding bliss.

The Perfect Guest respects the wedding ceremony

There’s nothing fashionable about arriving late for a wedding ceremony. But there’s nothing more annoying than going straight to reception without even seeing the bride and groom exchange their vows. You are invited to witness and support their marriage, not their food and program! Be at the wedding venue early so you can find a proper seat.

wedding gift

The Perfect Guest eats and drinks gracefully

The rules for reception are pretty simple. Meet the couple first and greet them. Thank them for inviting you and send them best wishes. Don’t spend too much time eating and drinking. This is a social event so why not mingle a little? Of course, also try to meet new and old friends alike.

The Perfect Guest leaves properly

Don’t leave to early or overstay your welcome as much possible. Stay at least until the wedding cake was cut. Meet the couple before you go and bid them farewell, as well as others you may have spoken to throughout the event.

Keep in mind what you just read, and you’re ready to be the perfect wedding guest. Go friend! You’re on the right track.


Party Etiquette 101: Tips on How to be the Perfect Guest

Party Guest

Just because you’re attending a party as ‘merely’ a guest doesn’t mean you can do anything you please. It is unacceptable to think that the host must attend to your every need with the excuse that you’re ‘the guest’. As one of the top catering services in Manila, we have witnessed many types of guests: we have witnessed guests who feel entitled, and those who we consider the Perfect Guest.

Here’s how to be the latter:

Be Punctual

Events release a program schedule and follow it for a reason, and that’s to keep things organized and so everyone works in synchrony. In addition to that, it’s also so the food will be served at the temperature it’s supposed to be served. Forget what the movies taught you: being ‘fashionably late’ is not fashionable at all. In fact, it can be considered quite rude! Respect everyone else’s time and be punctual, because unless it’s your party, no one’s going to adjust for your schedule.

Be Patient

Sometimes even the most timed event falls behind from the schedule for many reasons (oftentimes due to latecomers) and the guests have to wait a little longer than expected. While we agree that the guests shouldn’t be kept waiting for anything, whether it be the program or food, sometimes it’s inevitable and completely unintentional. The host has enough on his or her plate already trying to fix what needs to be fixed, so don’t add additional pressure by implying your impatience.

Offer to Help

Basic manners would incline you to offer to help in some little way such as not making a mess at the table, or cleaning up a spill that you or another guest caused. It certainly isn’t your job, but it’s already a huge help to the staff at the event. If it’s only a small get together with no caterers, offer to help cook or serve food.


As previously mentioned, your host has a lot to worry about so the party goes well and will most likely not be able to spend much time chatting with each of their guests. You may not know everyone at the party, but do the host a favor and chat up some of their friends to keep them entertained. People getting bored or awkward will be one less thing the host has to worry about.

Don’t cause any trouble

Be mindful of your behavior and be careful not to break anything. Respect your host’s house rules (or the rules of the venue, if the party is being held elsewhere) because in the end, it will be your host who has to deal with the headache of broken rules or items. Don’t pick a fight with any of the other guests either. If there is someone present whom you have an issue with prior to the party, keep it to yourselves for the time being.

Even if you’re there as a guest, you have responsibilities at the party too! What’s the most horrible experience you’ve had or witnessed when it comes to a guest at a party? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Party Etiquette 101: Steps to Becoming “The Host with the Most”

Amy Adams as "Julie Powell" in Columbia Pictures' Julie & Julia.

Taking on the role of party host can be a tad overwhelming. From planning the menu, to decorating the venue, you need to make sure that you’re on top of all the preparations. As one of the top catering services in manila, we’re more than happy to give you some useful tips on how you can become the host with the most. Here’s our starter guide on party etiquette 101.

Be available

It can be difficult to enjoy your own party when you’re constantly walking around checking on things. A harried host can make guests feel uneasy, especially if they aren’t friends with one another. This is why it’s important that you take time to do some advance food preparation prior to your event. No one wants to see you stuck in the kitchen while everyone is having fun on the dance floor.

Be the head honcho

Which leads us to the next point, be a leader. You don’t have to be the life of the party, but you are responsible for keeping it alive.  Plan to have ice breaker activities that will encourage guests to mingle with one another.  If you’re hosting a party for your different circles of friends, find opportunity to introduce your guests to each other. The last thing you need at a party is awkward silence.

Offer the best food and drink you can offer

This one of course, is a no brainer. If you’re going to serve a full meal at your party, make sure that it’s the best you can offer. You don’t have to be extravagant about it, just ensure that everyone gets their fill. One of the easiest ways to get your meal planning done is to create a party theme that focuses on a specific cuisine like Taco Thursday or Sushi Saturday.

Stop serving alcohol past 12

If you’re serving alcohol at your party, set a specific time when you’ll be closing up the bar. Keep an eye on the clock and start putting away the alcoholic beverages around midnight. Offer your guests hot coffee or tea before they leave, especially to those who have had too much alcohol over the course of the night. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Being the host with the most may seem like a lot of work, but all the hard work is guaranteed to pay off once you see your friends, family and colleagues enjoy the party you’ve put together. Just remember to take a deep breath, calm down, and enjoy the shindig yourself. After all, you’re all there to have fun!

Have any party host nightmares that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

“I’ll Toast to that!” The Gentleman’s Guide to Wine Pairing












Let’s face it. Most guys are more comfortable playing with power tools than a corkscrew. But in this age of technology and sophistication, the modern gentleman shouldn’t have to rely on the maitre d for wine choices. Choosing the right wine for a special dinner can be a bit daunting, but with a little help, you can pass off as a pro in no time.  Here’s a short guide to help you get started.

Many of us have the misconception that wine can only be paired with fancy dishes that you will usually find on a manila catering menu. The truth is, wines can be paired well with just about any type of food you fancy. From high grade steaks to good old chicken wings, you can enjoy all these with a good bottle of wine. It’s really just a matter of knowing which would suit your dish best.

Keep it Simple

First, choose a wine that you would want to drink all on its own. This way, even if the dish you paired it with doesn’t come up to par, you can still enjoy the bottle of vino. A lot of people think that a great food match is enough to improve their overall experience with a wine, when it’s actually the other way around. Pick a wine that will improve your experience with the food that you’re eating.

Keep it Balanced

Hearty food requires a hearty wine, while light dishes often work better with lighter wines. Always consider the richness of both the food you’re serving, and the wine that you want to pair with it. Your choices shouldn’t compete against each other, rather they should come off as equals for a pairing to succeed.

Match Flawlessly

Don’t just rely on the main ingredient when picking out your wine. You should also consider the seasonings and the cooking method of the dish. Let’s say you’re working with a steak that has a creamy lemon sauce.  The steak itself would require a dry red, but since the dominant flavour is leaning towards a fruity flavour, we recommend that you pair this dish with a fresh white.

Check for age

There’s a reason why aged wine is usually more expensive. As a wine matures, its flavours become more complex and rich. When choosing food that will suit an older wine, tone down the big flavours and opt for a dish that will allow the wine’s ‘personality’ to shine through. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to see which flavours work best with different wines.

Have any wine pairing tips that you would like to share? Or do you have brands or vineyards that you swear by? Let us know in the comments section below.

Wedding Catering Blunders you Need to Avoid


For us working in the wedding catering services industry, we want everything to be perfect on your special day. From our top notch chefs whipping up those fancy culinary treats, to our well dressed waiters serving you with a smile, we all work together to make sure that you get the best experience that we can offer.  If you want your wedding day to be the talk of the town, you need to work hand in hand with your wedding caterer.

Here are just some of the catering blunders that we can help you avoid on your wedding day.

Serving hot food cold and cold food hot

For guests, it’s what’s on the menu that matters. But for us on the catering crew, we’re more concerned about serving the food at the temperature it’s meant to be served. This means, soup should be served piping hot, and ice cream should be served freezing cold. Serving a sit down event with over 100 guests can be a bit of a challenge, but with an efficient wait staff, and proper timing, it’s easy to pull off.

Running out of food

For those in the catering industry, running out of food in the middle of a reception is an absolute nightmare. Not only does it make for an embarrassing scenario on your end, but on ours, it puts all of our long hours of planning to waste. To avoid this, we consider several factors like the number of guests, the type of reception, the time of day that the reception will start, and how long the event is going to last. By laying all these factors down prior your special date, we can carefully plan out the amount of dishes to serve, and how to serve each one to ensure that every guest gets a serving.

Being insensitive to guests

Since we’ll be there with you on your momentous occasion, we like to think of ourselves as part of your family. And as family, we want to make sure that all your guests have a great time celebrating with you. This is why we’ve trained our wait staff to anticipate every need you and your guests may have. From proper food handling, to courteous service, we make sure that everyone gets treated like family.

Getting guests sick

And since we don’t want to get you or your guests sick at the reception, we put high priority on food sanitation. Our catering staff is trained to properly cook, store, transport, and serve your food with the safest and cleanest measures possible. We have also invested in the right equipment and food storage units so that your food is within safe temperatures at all times.

Have any questions that you would like to ask our friendly staff? Let us know in the comments section below.