10 Unique Wedding Gown Ideas to Inspire You

The average romantic woman anticipates her wedding more than any other day in her life. So what’s more important other than choosing the perfect wedding catering service for your special day? Of course it’s choosing your own wedding dress! Here are 10 unique wedding gown ideas that could inspire your own!

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Glowing Wedding Gown

Literally light up his world on your special day a fabulous wedding dress that glows in the dark! Japanese fashion designer Yumi Katsura showcased her collection of wedding gowns at the Fide Fashion Week in Singapore in 2012, which featured this one-of-a-kind dress covered in lights. And guess what, it comes with matching bridesmaid dresses that don’t steal the spotlight! It would be absolutely perfect for that evening wedding you’ve been hoping to have.

You’re so sweet you could put Hershey’s out of business.

Cream Puff Dress

28-year-old baker Valentyn Shtefano from Ukraine created the sweetest wedding gown of all time. Made from 1,500 creampuffs, his wife proudly wears his masterpiece on their wedding day. Even though the dress weighs a lot, Valentyn’s wife refused to remove the dress even after the reception. There’s definitely a lot of perks in marrying a Chef!

Mr. and Mrs. Pitt

Pitt Wedding

After 10 years of being together, Angelinaand Brad finally tied the knot last August 23, 2014. The wedding was held in the privacy of their home with their immediate family being the only guests.Angelina was wearing an expensive and gorgeous Versace dress but – oh no! Are those stains? Well yes … and no. These drawings were actually drawn in on purpose by their children,creating perhaps the most personal and adorable wedding gown in the world.

And they lived happily ever after.

Fairytale Wedding Dress

Turn into a real life princess on your wedding day with a Disney inspired gown! This is your chance to make your childhood wish come true! What’s a better excuse to wear a fairytale-like dress than your own wedding?

In high tide or low tide, I’ll be by your side.

Tentacle wedding dress

If you’re not really a fan of Disney and the Little Mermaid, you can still choose from a variety of other dresses. But if you’ve decided that you really want a beach/sea themed dress, then this could be the perfect gown for you! Dress up as an elegant sea creature with this extremely unique octopus wedding gown. Don’t you think those tentacles are just pure genius?

A magical gown

Fleur Delacour wedding dress

Potter heads would recognize this dress as the gown Fleur Delacour wore to her and Bill Weasley’s wedding. A classic looking Black and white dress with a simple yet intricate embroidery of a peacock; Clemency Poesy looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant donning the dress, and we think you would too!

I ain’t no holla back girl.

gwen stefani

Did anyone else thought she’d get married with a leopard print wedding gown? Contrary to the tough personality we know, Gwen Stefani actually wears a sweet and simple dress to her wedding. A white gown that slowly turns into a lovely blushing shade of pink at its trail.

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone

cake dress

Here’s another food inspired wedding gown that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This will definitely save you some effort in thinking up  a design for both  your dress and cake. Walking down the aisle might cause a bit of a problem for you but who cares? You’ve got cake!

Tuxedos aren’t just for men.

Fashion Show, Menswear, Fall Winter 2011, Milan

Tuxedos could look just as great on the bride as it does for the groom. This photo right here proves it. This gorgeous tux-inspired wedding gown could add a little twist to your special day.

Flower Power

Flower wedding dress

Look positively blooming in a gown completely made out of flowers. You won’t be needing perfume with all that flowers on you! This bouquet inspired dress was designed by Franz Grabe.


Choosing a wedding gown can be difficult, especially since everything looks so good! Thereare a lot of designs to choose from and you can also create your own to make it more personal. Whether it’s a more unique style or a traditional wedding gown, what’s important is that it looks great on you and you feel comfortable wearing it. Good luck!

7 Cool Tips for a Fun Company Event



Often times company employees just want to go home and rest from all the work they do at the office. So when a company event is announced they find themselves not wanting to participate and becomes too lazy to even attend. How do you make sure the employees will come and that the event will be successful? Here are 7 ways to make your company event special:

Make sure the food is immaculate

This is the cardinal rule for any event!! Since you’re planning an event, you might as well check out the Manila catering services we have to offer here at Juan Carlo. For a lot of people, eating is usually the highlight of an event therefore serving good food is a must. A well fed employee is a happy employee!People are bound to rave about a party that serves good food, even long after the event.

Set a theme

Weddings and debuts aren’t the only ones allowed to have themes! Set a formal theme and see you employees or workmates in elegant dresses and crisp suits. Or you can choose a more casual theme to let your employees relax and for once, let their hair down. Setting a theme will let you see the company employees in a different light.

Choose the venue wisely

The office is for work, and will be a boring place to host a party. Find a venue elsewhere! When choosing the place consider its size and location — find a place that isn’t too costly, yet can accommodate everyone and is in a more upscale area. Find a place that would be convenient and not hard to locate.

Encourage participation

Aside from asking help in the planning of the event, get teams and departments to prepare special performances that everyone could enjoy during dinner. Who wouldn’t want to see their boss on stage with a special dance number right? Everyone would love to see a different side of their bosses and workmates.

Include some games and other fun activities

Prepare some fun games that everyone can participate in. Make sure to choose activities that can be enjoyed by both younger and older employees. Don’t forget to put in some great prizes too! This will encourage everyone to join in! This will not only liven up the mood, it will also strengthen your company bond. Like a team building seminar, they would learn to work together and improve their chemistry.

Hire a good band or artist to make a special appearance

If they hear about a special guest coming everyone would anticipate and be excited for the event! Watching a special performance by your favorite artist will definitely make the night memorable.

Get a photo booth

This is practically a necessity in events nowadays. Aside from the fact that everyone loves to take photos, by having a photo booth you’ll be able to preserve the memories from that night in a picture. It will serve as both a remembrance and souvenir from the fun event.

Company events can be a good chance to unwind and release stress for the employees. It’s also great way to improve the staff’s relationships and bonds. Make the most out of the event and allow everyone to forget work and just have fun!

5 Beautiful Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Love truly does make the world go round! With your wedding day coming up, you’d might be stressing over all the details such as choosing your wedding catering service or finding the perfect venue. Why don’t you take some time off to explore other traditional weddings from different countries! You never know, it might give you some inspiration for your own wedding!

Here are 5 examples of some traditional wedding ceremonies in certain parts of the world.

Korean Wedding

Korean Wedding

For Koreans, a marriage is more of joining the two families rather than just the joining of two individuals. A traditional wedding has 4 parts, with the parade as the first. Back in the day, before people started hosting their weddings in other venues, the weddings were held in the backyard of the bride. The groom walks or rides a horse to the house of the bride together with his servants. Upon arriving at the bride’s house the groom will offer a wild goose the family. The goose represents the groom’s promise to spend his whole life together with his wife. Nowadays, they use a wooden figure shaped as a goose instead. Next part of the wedding is the couple bowing to each other. The fourth and last part is the couple sharing of a cup. Although some of the traditions are not followed anymore, there are still couples who still practice some, such as wearing hanbok (traditional clothing).

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

Indian weddings must be watched over by the fire gods, therefore they hold the ceremony in front of a fire. During the ceremony they go around the holy fire 7 times as part of their tradition. There are different kinds of traditional Indian weddings but what’s common between them is they are all bright and lively. They are filled with colorful clothing and garlands. An Indian wedding celebration may last up to 3-7 days — they really know how to have fun! Other interesting practices in Indian weddings are painting the hands and feet of the bride with henna and applying tumeric paste on the bride’s skin.

Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding

What we’ll first notice about Chinese weddings is the abundance of the color red. Everything and everyone is covered or wearing red, including the bride and groom! Chinese believes that red is a symbol of joy and will bring up the festive mood in the wedding. They also believe that it will bring good luck and drive evil spirits away. The first part of the wedding is a parade to where the wedding will be held. The family, relatives, and some musicians accompany the couple to the venue. After seeking blessings from their elders and gods, the couple holds a wedding banquet that consists of a ten course menu. The bride will present tea or wine to her in laws and guests as a present before the celebration ends. Weddings are definitely a bride’s day, Chinese brides wear 3 different wedding dresses throughout the wedding. The first one is the Chinese wedding dress, second is the white gown and third is a cocktail dress.

African Wedding

African Wedding

One kind of wedding in Africa is called the Yoruba Ritual. Here, the couple tastes four elements of food signifying the different emotions in a married life. They also jump over a wooden broom or stick to symbolize unity, truth and indestructibility. In African weddings such as the Yoruba ritual, there is an event called “bride’s train” wherein the bride and her single friends enter the church while dancing to music. The guest throw money at them as a sign of blessing.

Japanese Wedding

Japanese Weddings

In Japan, the most common traditional wedding is the Shinto ceremony. In this wedding the couple wears traditional clothes or the kimono. The bride also wears a headdress and a wig which they believe will prevent future jealousy in their marriage. In Shinto ceremonies, the priest purifies the room and the participants before it begins by waving a stick with white strips of papers attached to it. Another part of this wedding is the sake drinking — they believe that the sake ritual will bring them closer to their gods who will grant them happiness.

There are a lot of different weddings and traditions and each one is equally beautiful, but what matters the most is the couple’s love and sincerity in their vows, as well as the blessings of their community. Good food is an additional plus too!

Are there other traditional wedding ceremonies you find to be particularly fascinating? Tell us on the comments section below!

Choosing The Right Color Palette For Your Wedding

When it comes to finding the perfect color palette for your wedding, nothing creates a better ambience than having your favorite hues as the color motif for your wedding day! Quite often, one of the first things couples consider when planning for their wedding theme is the color palette, as the colors you choose can really help bring your dream wedding come to life!

Our specialty may be to give you the best wedding catering service, but we are also here to help you decide even the littlest detail of your wedding. Aside from menus, packages and venues we can recommend to you, we made this guide to choosing the right color palette for your wedding. Enjoy!

Consider The Wedding Theme


The best way to get started is to figure out how you want your wedding to be celebrated and what emotions to evoke. A sentimental, romantic affair? A high-energy, enthusiastic party? A solemn, sacred ceremony?

Generally, soft, blush shades will give you a dreamy, romantic look while strong jewel shades are more appropriate for a bolder day full of vibrancy. It all depends on the wedding theme you want to have.

Are you pulling off a vintage backyard wedding? Mint, seafoam green and salmon pink will work perfectly for it. Going for more contemporary theme? Why not boost your style through black, white and hot pink? Want to have a unique wedding theme inspired by The Great Gatsby? Make your wedding all about glitz, glamour, and opulence by choosing gold.

Consider The Venue


Another thing you have to think through is the wedding venue. Are you getting married inside or outside? Is the building old or new? What are the existing colors in your venue? Will the color palette complement those hues?  Are there too many colors fighting for attention? The answers to these questions can put you on the right path to choosing accent colors that will work in your space.

Consider The Season


Now that you have established the “what” and “where”, it is also equally important to take note of “when”. If you’re getting married in summer, you may incorporate shades of yellow, pink, red, orange, peach and other vibrant colors. However, if you choose the cold ber-months, you can have blue, white, and silver. However, don’t be afraid to combine contrasting hues to spark inspiration among your guests like coral and grey, or experiment using several shades of one color.

Consider The Psychology of Colors


Color is a form of non-verbal communication. Thus, it can evoke psychological responses. Not only that, it can also affect both moods and emotions, so think again of the mood you want for your wedding day and work with that.

For example, white is the color of perfection, purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. That’s why it is your perfect choice for a solemn and sacred ceremony. On the other hand, red is typically associated with excitement and passion and will look the best for a fun, energetic day. Another example is gold which makes a fabulous and high-end glamour look.


After you considered all the above, you can now choose two to three leading colors that you would love to feel on your wedding day. From those colors, you can develop a full range of complementary shades and tones for you palette. If you are unsure about your color combination, you can search on the internet, especially Pinterest, for inspirations.


Wonder Weddings: Beautiful Beach Destinations Where You Can Tie The Knot

With 7, 107 islands and almost 37-thousand kilometers-long shoreline, the Philippines has always been the best choice for a grandeur wedding celebration. Not to mention that the country boasts of its tropical climate – making beaches a popular choice for tourists and lovers almost the whole year through. Imagine the perfect romantic setting for a wedding: sand, sea, sky and sunset – offered in various breathtaking beaches from Aparri to Jolo.

If you are one of those too many couples thinking of a fun, beach wedding celebration while getting the most out of impressive venues and excellent wedding catering services, you can go for beaches near Manila. It is true that popular beaches include Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol but Manila is also surrounded with provinces abundant with stunning white sand and crystalline waters.

Check these destinations which are all accessible 5 hour or less from Manila.

Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan, Batangas

Situated in the extreme South Western of Batangas, Calatagan is famous its white-sand beach, lush floral garden, and relaxing cottages available in a variety of beach resorts suitable to your needs and wants.

Calatagan is bounded on the south by Verde Island Passage, one of the best diving places in the Philippines. What’s notable about this municipality is it was originally a land acquired by Don Domingo Roxas from the Spanish Crown in 1829 and was called Hacienda de Calatagan. Not only that, Calatagan is also famous for antique pottery and other artifacts excavated from its lands.

Historical and exquisite, Calatagan should be one of the top choices you have for your wedding especially if history fascinates you more than anything else.

Lobo, Batangas

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

As featured in “Isla,” GMA-7 network’s 2014 summer special, Lobo is one of those lesser-known towns in Batangas waiting for you to be explored. Solenn Heussaff, host, describes it as “unspoilt natural beauty a few hours away from the urban jungle that is Manila.”

And yes, it offers white-sand beaches and a whole lot more – spectacular corals, plentiful marine life, lavish mangrove forests, bountiful fish sanctuaries – name it! No wonder Lobo attracts many snorkelers, scuba divers and underwater photographers.

So if you’re one of those demigods, a.k.a. the son or daughter of Poseidon, this wedding venue is for you.

Morong, Bataan

Morong, Bataan

If you’re planning to have a sunset wedding, this beach destination is for you! Morong is known for its inspiring sunset view. Exchange wedding vows as the rays of the setting sun turn the sand golden. Or arrange for a wedding in Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church, a 400 year old coral stone church in the town and the oldest in Bataan.

It also celebrated for its community-based Pawikan Conservation Program. You can witness the ceremonial releasing of Pawikan hatchlings into the waters off South China Sea. Or better, “adopt” a turtle by donating P50 per hatchling and you can have the joy of releasing the hatchling to the sea. Now that’s a bucket list you can achieve after your wedding.

San Antonio, Zambales

San Antonio, Zambales

San Antonio isn’t as developed as Boracay or El Nido but it can give you enough wonderful experience for a beach wedding celebration. It is more and more being well-known for its beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and scenic coves, making it a favorite destination of campers and beach lovers. You can have a solemn but statuesque celebration in its pristine locations. For honeymoon, you can do island hopping and visit famous San Antonio coves such as Annawangin, Nagsasa, Talisayin and Silangen Cove.

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas


The white-sand beach in Laiya, a barangay within the shores of Verde Island, paved the way for San Juan’s fame. A popular destination for swimming and hiking, San Juan prides itself with natural beautiful surroundings – perfect for your majestic wedding! Here, you can tie the knot then relax, distress and unwind after. Who has time to worry if you’re surrounded with such beauty as this?

Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

YES. It’s another destination in Batangas. The province is an ideal location for lovers aiming for beach wedding because of its proximity to Manila while offering wonderful beaches and natural surroundings.

Anilao is popular with divers and snorkelers. Why not? The waters surrounding the area are abundant with marine life, stunning reefs of corals, and marvelous diversity of fishes. If you love exquisite but graceful locations, this is the place for you! After your wedding, you can visit the diving spots, coves, and islands like the Sombrero and Maricaban islands. That’s an adventure-filled, memorable celebration!

You have a lot of choices, but the best thing is to consider your budget and guests. Choose a wedding venue that is accessible to all and won’t get your guests lost especially if they have never been to the place! Are there other beaches in the Philippines you think would be perfect for a beach wedding? Let us know in the comments section below!

7 Mouth-Watering Salads to Serve at your Wedding

The wedding bells are ringing! It means another lovely couple set to face the future together – oh yes, that’s you! Another sumptuous wedding cake adorned with flowers and figurines. Another toast of wine for the newlyweds. Another splendid reception brought by a superb catering service.

And yours – another wedding to happen. But why settle for an average experience if you can have a memorable wedding day? It doesn’t have to be “The Royal Wedding” or “The Wedding of the Decade.” The key is in the details. If your wedding details are memorable, then the wedding is surely an unforgettable one.
It can be the impressive wedding venue, or your unique and personalized wedding vows, or these mouth-watering salads served at your wedding.

Lemon-Basil Shrimp Salad


Yummy! The name alone is mouth-watering. Who wouldn’t crave for this salad on your wedding day? What make this salad recipe special are the fresh lemon rind and the juice in the lemon-basil marinade. That’s aside from the fact that the shrimps alone are delicious enough. Here’s the recipe.

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Chilled Vegetable Salad

Oh, look! It’s a confetti of fresh and crispy vegetables dressed in sweet sauce! Aside from keeping you and your guests healthy, this salad is perfect to balance the green and meat in your wedding meals. Get the recipe here.

Cranberry-Nectarine Salad


Got something grilled in your menu, perhaps tuna belly or pork chop? Perfect! This green salad tossed with blue cheese, walnuts, and toasted ramen noodles is for you! The recipe here waits to be explored! 

Peanutty Coleslaw


Peanut, ginger and wasabi paste? Who would have thought these three go along very well? Uniquely Asian, this salad is ready to take the limelight! Be ready for photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter featuring this flavorful salad instead of you or your guests. Easy recipe here

Tomato and Cucumber Salad


This delightful and colorful salad is the best appetizer your wedding will have! It’s sliced ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion just chilling out together. But it’s the real deal – an explosion of flavors inside the mouth! The recipe is yours here.

Honey-Chicken Salad


Everyone loves honey and chicken! So why not make one for your wedding salad? Your guests will love the sweet mayonnaise-and-honey mixture absolutely matching the romantic aura of your wedding. Within 20 minutes, you have one flavorful salad to savor. Get the recipe here.

Honey-Chicken Salad


Bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon? Nobody, right? Potato salad alone is appealing, but put some appetizing, tasty bacon strips and you’ll have the best salad ever! Don’t be surprised if your guests won’t leave the salad alone. The irresistible flavors will make them ask for more. You just have to cook potatoes for 18 minutes, prepare the salad for 15 minutes, and chill them for 1 hour – and voila! Recipe here.

Who would have thought salads can be this easy and delicious? Prepare at least one of these salads in your wedding, or ask your wedding catering service provider about appealing salads in their menu. Make magic happen.

5 People Who Shouldn’t Be At Your Wedding


Creating a guest list is notoriously one of the most difficult tasks in wedding planning. Maybe your mom is pushing you to invite her friends or your in-laws are asking for extra seats for their neighbors. Sometimes, it can really make you go nuts! But there’s hope!

Before you seal that envelope for your wedding invitation or write that name in elegant calligraphy, give your wedding list another look. And then again. Read the names individually — is each one worthy of the seat in your wedding ceremony? Are you sure you need those names in your headcount for the catering services? Are they really who your guests should be? Out of stress, you might probably overlook some names that can actually be “for removals” in your list.

Who are those people you should not invite to your wedding? Read on.


Admit it. There’s nothing adorable about inviting your fake friends. After all, why invite people who don’t really share in your joys? Perhaps you just wanted to make them jealous that you finally found love – while they are still so miserable in their own lives. Do you think it’s worth the risk? What if they make a scene during the ceremony? To make your mind at peace during your big day, just don’t invite them.


Does it need to be explained? Unless your ex is your groom’s best friend and they reconciled years after the “bro code’ was broken, there is no good reason to invite ex-lovers. It would only give your wedding awkward moments. Imagine getting a wedding toast or dance from him! Eeeek!

Distant Relatives

Probably you asked, “How about the son of the nephew of my dad’s grandaunt?” Sure, he is a relative. But is his presence crucial to your wedding? If you don’t have a personal relationship with your relatives, aside from sharing the same family tree, you are not obliged to make him as your guest.


Don’t feel bad to take out your neighbors from your guest list. After all, what do you share in common aside from the subdivision you are currently living in? However, if you know them very well and consider them as family friends, then you should reserve a seat or two for them.

Party Ruiners

Remember the last time your family had a reunion and your Uncle Joey was so drunk that he vomited all over the floor? Uh oh… Or how about that party where your friend ended up talking embarrassing stories about herself (or worse, about you!) out of drunkenness?



Engaged couples should discuss their guest list at meticulously!

Darling, your wedding day is your special day. So relieve yourself from stress by carefully considering people who have bad track record of causing major problems at parties. Think again and at least consult others before inviting them.

Your wedding ceremony is sacred, thus being invited there should be an honor for your guests. Don’t rush into completing your guest list if you still need time to consider who should be there and whom you won’t miss. It is best to take your time thinking even the most little details of your plan than regretting it later just because someone who is not worthy to be a guest caused drama on your wedding day. It’s supposed to be a day when love and joy will just fill you, not annoyance or angst. So keep these people in mind.


7 Dreamy Songs to Request from the Wedding Singer

The night before your wedding, you try on your veil, pick the flowers from your vase as a proxy for your bouquet of flowers for tomorrow, and smile on your reflection on the mirror. “I can’t believe it! I’m getting married!” you giggle. Everything’s already set! Calls were made much earlier to the coordinator of the Intramuros church, event planner of the Malate venue, and chef of the Manila catering to check final details of your wedding. You can’t be happier with this!

But how about the music?

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, they had Ellie Goulding sang her rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song” for their wedding dance. It was an adorable song that awed everyone present. You, too, can have that inspiring, fairy-tale like wedding ambience if you know what songs to request from the wedding singer.

Here are our suggestions.

When God Made You – Newsong feat. Natalie Grant

When you met your loved one, have you ever wondered why you two are so compatible? Both of you agree that pizza is what life means, archery is next to your soul, and playing a computer game is what a good day is. It was as if he was your long-lost twin – except that you were not related in any blood line.

This song explains it all: “When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.” Yes. You two are inseparable because when God made your sweetheart, He knew what exactly you are looking for in a partner. And here you are right now – marrying the perfect partner for you!

The Way You Smile – Newsong feat. Francesca Battistelli

“There’s a million more, these are just a few of the many reasons I love you” says a line from this song. Wait… isn’t that your love story?

It’s the way he amuses you with an intelligent discussion. It’s in the way he cooks food for you – something you did not think at first that he is capable of. It’s the way he smiles at you just to reassure he is madly in love with you. There’s a whole lot reasons more to love him – but simply, you love him for being him! So why not request this song from your wedding singer?

Celeste – Ezra Vine

Speaking of dreamy, this song is what ‘dreamy’ is all about. Yes, finally you found your soul mate – isn’t that something out of a dream? Face it. Your love story is so good to be true that you can’t even believe this wedding is real!

But hey, not everyone gets the same love story as yours! Some people ended up broken hearted for the rest of their lives, others don’t get married to the ones they truly love, but you! You have someone to cherish inside your heart for real. It’s a dream come true!

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson

Classic yet romantic! Who won’t fall in love with this song enough to make your close friends and families cry? ‘Cause after all the challenges you faced together as a couple, you remained faithful to each other.

Your love story is a sincere one – out of pure love overflowing from your good hearts. Every day, you look at him and can’t imagine yourself with another person. More than that, you find yourself falling again and again for him. You just can’t help it! What could be a better song for you? Nothing else but this straight from the heart rendition of Ingrid Michaelson.

Runaway – The Corrs

Another classic, but it’s the song you should not miss! Aside from the soothing sound of violin, it’s a song which expresses with solemnity how much you two love each other. You can runaway anywhere in the world – as long as you have each other.  For you, nothing is as important as your partner. Yes, that passionate and sentimental feeling is definitely what makes your bond stronger.

I See The Light – Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

At last, you see the light. You questioned love a lot. You saw your friends happy with their own sweethearts. You encountered love in television and radio shows. But no. You never know what love is until this man came. Your whole world suddenly shifted. The prince is finally here – the right person in the right place on the right time. Now, you can whisper to your future kids what a true love is.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

You two are on your way to forever, so why not request a song that will reflect your love that will last beyond centuries? You waited for a love like this for so long. You almost lost hope. But no. Love is here; it’s real. Now, you are more than 100% sure that you can live your whole life loving him. Be it a thousand years or even forever.

There – the dreamy songs to reflect your dream come true wedding. Request them from your wedding singer, and you’re sure to have the best day of your life ever.

Are there other songs you think would be perfect for weddings? Please share on the comments section below!

“Staying Strong” 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

dog couple

So after the bliss of your wedding, what’s next? After the sacred wedding ceremony in San Agustin Church, the delightful wedding catering in Manila, and the rhapsodic honeymoon in Boracay almost a year ago here you are now: looking forward to your wedding anniversary celebration. Congratulations!

Celebrating nourishes the love within you. Ah, love – the sweet things it brings! For the first time in forever, you found someone who completely turned your world around, worthy of trust with things you wouldn’t want others to hear, and shares your hopes, dreams, goals and disappointments. Isn’t it a glorious time to reminisce you wedding vows, and that first date when you dressed impeccably to impress her?

To commemorate the day you said ‘I do’ need not to be typical, expensive and boring. Try these 5 unique ways!

Playing A Sport Together!

Don’t you know that a couple that plays together, stays together?

If you want proof, the Sochi Winter Olympics can do that. Canada’s speed skating superstars, Charlie Hamelin and Marianne St-Gelais, and Russia’s snowboarding powerhouse pair, Vic Wild and Alena Zavarina, are just some of the couples who know how to combine sport and romance perfectly.

Decide to get into a sport together and really invest in both for your own personal growth and as a new way for you two to bond as a couple. Play tennis, or perhaps golf. If you’re a super cool pair, get into archery! If you don’t have a common ground in sports, then maybe it’s time to try a completely new sport together.

Travel!couple travel

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of travelling as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Okay, so this isn’t really the most unique way to spend your anniversary, but travelling out of the country together is a classic way for couples to celebrate for a reason. You collect memories together in different locations, get to have epic couple selfies, and bring out the best from each other as you conquer strange things in strange lands.

And a bonus: being together more than 24 hours in tough times such as getting lost is the ultimate litmus test of your love. So enjoy!

Go on a Road Trip!

Riding off together into the sunset doesn’t always have to be an out-of-the-country thing.

With careful planning, road trips can be a wonderful chance to bond and build a gallery of fondly shared experiences together. Imagine spending the entire day journeying together to the end of the road. Nothing and no one else but you two.

Now who says road trip is for teenagers only? Nobody (and if anyone ever does, start your engine and go).

Bake Your Anniversary Cake!

My, my, my! What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary!

You can create a simple one-layered cake by baking a round, square or rectangular cake and decorating it with figurines of couples, monograms, plastic hearts and etc. Be cheesy and cuddly with those quick kiss on the cheeks as you beat the egg, check the oven and put icing on the cake top. The best thing about this is you can eat your labor of love afterwards or share it with your family and friends.

Sweet, isn’t it?

Have A Picnic Night Together!

Go for a free yet romantic picnic near a beach, or in the middle of a grassland park. Exchange sandwiches as you lean on each other’s shoulders and observe people pass by. Laugh at each other’s jokes as the leaves of trees behind you fell on the ground. Embrace each other as you watch the sunset or the waves of the sea.

If you’re not near to a beach or a grassland, have a backyard picnic at night! Lie down and watch the stars as you tell each other of deepest joys and secrets.

Smile and have your photos taken!

With these small yet grandeur tips, you are sure to have a ‘staying strong and better’ marriage. Happy anniversary!

The Newlywed’s Guide to Making Awesome Giveaways

Every couple goes through the careful process of planning of their special day to make their dream wedding come true. Aside from choosing what Catering service in Manila they will hire, they also need to decide on  the venue, motif and of course the giveaways. Couples in a tight budget often opt to make their own wedding giveaways to save some cash. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine! Here are a newlywed’s guide to making awesome giveaways:

Set a budget to work with.


Pricey giveaways can make a big difference in your wedding budget. Not everyone can afford to give out expensive wine bottle openers on their big day but you can always choose to make DIY crafts instead. You don’t have to choose something expensive to show your appreciation, as long as it’s from the heart the guests will definitely treasure them.

Decide what to create


Recall all the wedding giveaways you guys have received in your life and browse the internet for inspiration. (Pinterest is a great place to start!) These souvenirs are given to the guests to show the couple’s gratitude. It is given to the people who took the time to witness and celebrate the wedding. Some common DIY giveaways are soaps, candles and baked goodies. Although if you choose to give out yummy treats, make sure to consider its expiration date!

Think outside the box


You can choose a common DIY project but try to make it uniquely yours. For example, if you choose soaps, don’t just give out ordinary bar soaps! Mold the soaps into different shapes like a wedding dress or a top hat. You can make wine scented candles or desserts in mini jars. If you’re going to have a vintage theme, use old school magazines as a wrapper to make it more unique. There are a lot of creative ideas to choose from! Unique giveaways will make the wedding day more memorable for you and your guests.

Add some personal touches

personal touches

The greatest thing about creating your own party favors is that you can add your own personal touches to it. Make your guest feel more special by adding personal notes or messages in it. You can even add stickers or photos. Since you can’t personally thank all your guests one by one, you’ll be able to do so with your awesome personalized giveaways! You and your other half will have to put in extra effort but it will definitely help your guests feel even closer to you.

Plan in advance


It’s not a homework you can copy from your classmate in the morning, don’t cram everything in one day. Make sure you purchase everything you need from the store — avoid forget anything by making a complete list of the items and where you can purchase them. Canvas and compare the prices of the materials you need to save extra cash. Decide and set the dates of when you will make the giveaways. If you have plenty of guests, don’t stress yourself too much. You can always ask for help from your family or friends!

Keep your guests in mind


Although they aren’t there for the freebies they will definitely appreciate any remembrance from the wedding (the heavenly food alone is more than enough!), it wouldn’t hurt to think about what the guests would actually like or find useful.

Don’t worry about giveaways being cheesy, common or inexpensive! Wedding favors are given to say “thank you” and kept as a momento of the couple’s wedding day. Whether you choose to buy or create your own party favors, always remember that it’s the thought that counts.