Food for Thought: If Dishes in Literature Were Brought to Life

In the newly published Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals, author Dinah Fried showcases 50 of the most iconic dishes found in best-selling novels for the past 200 years. It’s a photo compilation destined to delight any foodie it encounters. Another written work, A Feast of Ice and Fire by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, not only gives you photos of the food, but details its recipes as well! These two works only prove that many food bloggers and enthusiasts everywhere have begun turning fictional dishes into fact, with wedding catering following suit!

Many well-known literary works detail the dishes enjoyed by its characters, some of it so fantastic that you’ll crave for it in real life! Let’s take a look at some of them:

Avocado and Crab Meat Salad

Avocado and Crab Meat Salad

This meal is featured in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. As its readers will soon observe, avocadoes seem to be the protagonist Esther’s favorite food as it is mentioned at least eight times throughout the book. This particular salad is easy to prepare in your own home since the ingredients are straightforwardly clear while the procedure can be adapted from other salad ideas.

Breakfast at Winterfell


If you’ve just been attacked by an unknown assassin and watched him get killed by your bedridden son’s giant wolf, then this breakfast would help you restore your presence of mind amidst the chaos. It did wonders for Lady Catelyn Stark, as you’ll see in A Game of Thrones. Turning this fictitious meal into reality can be a bit tricky (it’s easy enough if you use ready-made ingredients), although the outcome is worth it. Check out The Inn at the Crossroads, a blog that showcases many of the dishes in Martin’s fictional universe, for the complete recipe.

Swiss Cheese Sandwich with Malted Milk

Catcher in the Rye

Enjoyed by Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, this snack is relatively simple and easy to prepare; you can get all the ingredients in the supermarket and putting it all together takes little time and effort. Or if you like, you can make your own malted milk. Just mix whole milk with malted barley and wheat flour and you’re good to go.

Tea, Milk and Sugar

Tea, Milk and Sugar

In case you went on a misadventure to Wonderland like Alice did, you might as well have a few cups of tea with the Mad Hare and the Mad Hatter. Be careful though, the hare seemed to have spiked some of the tea with something alcoholic, seeing as he offered Alice some “wine.” You can choose any type of tea, milk and sugar should you want to try it out in your home. Make sure to have plenty; you have 364 un-birthdays celebrations after all!

These are only some of the dishes features in some classic and modern literature. There are plenty more where that came from, that’s a promise! Get your catering services to prepare dishes with these books in mind the next time you decide to throw a party!

“Partying Latvian Style!” Introducing Latvian Cuisine

Latvia is a country in Europe that declared its independence from Russia on November 18, 1918. But just because we’re far away from them doesn’t mean we can’t join in on the celebration! And what better way to commemorate such a historical event than to try out some of their delicious dishes? Don’t worry, there are many catering in Manila who specialize in European Cuisine (that includes Latvian), and there are thousands of recipes online that you can easily get if you want to cook yourself. Here are some dishes you can try out:


Jānis’ Cheese (Jāņu siers)

Jānis' Cheese

This cheese is among Latvia’s specialties, and it is traditionally prepared and enjoyed during Jāni, the country’s most important festival that celebrates the summer solstice. Latvians consider this day to be a special non-working holiday, and most spend it in the countryside. The Jānis’ cheese can be enjoyed on a daily basis, and it goes great with rye bread or as part of a cold buffet meal.


Aukstais galds

SI Exif

Aukstais galds is the Latvian version of a Smörgåsbord, a buffet meal consisting of hot and cold national and local dishes. Its variety, quality, and appearance makes it ideal for various formal and non-formal events like birthdays, weddings and even for a post funeral reception. Every dish is sliced and arranged on a tray to make it all the more appealing. Aukstais galds usually consists of numerous meat and fish meals, some salads, breads, and desserts.




This is also one of Latvia’s traditional dishes, and it originated from Livonia, a region divided by Latvia and Estonia. A sweet pie made of rye dough, stuffed with potatoes and carrots, and seasoned with caraway, it’s easy enough to prepare in your home.


Latvian Pīrāgi

Latvian Pīrāgi

The pīrāgs (pīrāgi for plural) is an oblong- or crescent-shaped pastry filled with chopped bacon and onions. It’s usually 5 to 13 cm long, depending on whether you want it as a snack or as part of a large meal. Latvians prize pīrāgi for its daintiness, and it is believed that only a skilled cook can make such a fine bread roll. Latvian families have different and personalized recipes for pīrāgi; thus, the pastry has many variations. However, it’s only made on special occasions due to the amount of work needed to prepare it.




Considered as a traditional beverage in Latvia, this drink is made from fermented black or regular rye bread (the color of the drink is also affected by the bread). Sometimes, fruits like strawberries, raisins, and even mint leaves are added to the mixture to add flavor. Russians and Ukrainians classify it as a non-alcoholic beverage since its alcohol content is less than 1.2%. In fact, both countries enjoy it, as well as other neighbor nations like Belarus, Estonia, Serbia, Poland, and Lithuania. Even places as far as Xinjiang, China crave it!


These five dishes are only for starters; wait ‘til you see their other unique recipes! Get inside the kitchen now and start cooking. Or call the best Manila catering company and have them make you those delectable cuisine.

Why You Should Get A Topaz Wedding Ring for Your Fiancée

christina diamonds

Sure Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But that doesn’t mean that other shining shimmering splendid minerals wouldn’t be a great alternative, or maybe even the better, more meaningful choice! Getting your fiancée a topaz wedding ring, depending on the special meaning you give behind it, will make the symbol of your commitment to each other that much more unique and personal. Besides, diamonds are cliché! So while you’re out there looking for the best wedding catering in town, you might as well take another gander at the fine beauties in your trusted jewelry store.

In case you have no idea what a topaz is (no judging), it’s a silicate mineral made from aluminum and fluoride. Its purest form is colorless and transparent, but it can come in a variety of colors that include wine, yellow, reddish-orange, blue-brown, and gray. Aside from these, it can also be made blue, pale green, reddish-yellow, gold, white, opaque, and pink. And like most gemstones, it can be cut into fantastic and elegant shapes we’re all looking for in gemstone rings.

If these still aren’t good enough reason for you, here are more:


It’s the November birthstone.

It’s the perfect gemstone you can buy in case your fiancée happens to be born in November, and you’re planning to say “I do” on her birthday or any other time in the month. The traditional November birthstone is usually the Orange Topaz. It symbolizes constancy, faithfulness and loyalty as well as strength, released tensions and balanced emotions. All marriages must have these characteristics in order to endure. Oh, and it’s also the perfect gemstone to have in your 4th and 19th wedding anniversary.

It’s used by royalty.

Imperial topazes are yellow, pink-orange and pink in color. Naturally-occurring topazes with these shades, in particular, are extremely rare and are exclusively reserved and donned by members of nobility and royalty back then (it was reported that the Russian Czarinas use it during the 18th and 19th century). However, certain gemstone cutting methods can help develop other shades. For instance, imperial topazes in Brazil usually come in bright yellow or deep golden brown, although some can be violet too. These colors are produced by treating natural brown and pale topaz. The only downside with this technique is that the stone colors may fade when exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period.


It’s a state gemstone.

Many US states value topaz and use them as state gemstones. For example, the orange topaz represents Utah, while the blue topaz represents Texas. This is something you have to keep in mind in case you’re planning to have your wedding there or in case those states happen to be where your future wife’s birthplace and homeland is.

It’s a mystical stone.

Ancient Egyptians believe topaz symbolizes Ra, their god of the sun, and it protects its owner from harm. Greeks and Romans attribute the stone to Apollo or Phoebus, their own god of the sun. The Greeks went so far as to claim that wearing it as jewelry can give you supernatural strength and invisibility. Meanwhile, the Jews also value topazes, and the High Priest Aaron included the gem in his priestly breastplate. It’s also said in the last pages in the Bible that topaz is one of the stones that comprise God’s Eternal City.

Additionally, topaz goes great with gold or silver, and it can also compliment diamonds other gemstones. In short, it goes great with pretty much anything, and it would definitely look great on your soon-to-be Mrs.


“Dinner is Coming” Dishes from Game of Thrones You Should Try Out

Have you ever wondered if the foods and beverages featured in G.R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire can be cooked, let alone eaten? Believe it or not, you can! Even Manila catering services are starting to make dishes with Martin’s novels as well as HBO’s TV adaptation in mind. In case you’re planning on making culinary experiments of your own, you can get A Feast of Ice and Fire, a cookbook written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer that’s based on the novel. Or you can browse some of the recipes online at The Inn at the Crossroads.

But if you’re itching to get started on those dishes from Game of Thrones, here are a few dishes you might want to start with right away!

Trout Baked in Clay

Trout Baked in Clay

(A Game of Thrones, Chapter 29)


Fresh trout

Thinly sliced lemon

Sage herbs

Tarragon herbs

Non-toxic raku or terracotta clay

Non-toxic leaves (banana, corn husks, etc.)

Kitchen twine


  1. Gut and clean the trout; you can cut off the head if preferred.
  2. Place lemon slices and herbs inside the fish, use the leaves to wrap the trout, and tie it close.
  3. Roll out a portion of the clay, like you would bread dough, and wrap it around the fish. Make sure that the trout is completely sealed.
  4. Put the trout-in-clay on a plank and place on the edge of a cook fire or directly on the embers. The clay acts like a Dutch oven, cooking both the top and bottom of the fish while maintaining its moisture.
  5. Cook for 45 minutes, or until the clay starts to crack.
  6. Remove the clayed trout from the fire and crack the clay with a spoon.

Note: you can also bake the fish in a 400 °F oven for 1 hour, with clay and all.

Ham with Cloves, Honey, and Dried Cherries

Ham with Cloves, Honey, and Dried Cherries

(A Feast of Crows, Chapter 39)


For the Ham:

10-pound ham (solid or spiral cut)

30 pieces cloves

2 cups dried cherries

For the Glaze:

½ cup honey

½ cup red wine vinegar

½ cup apple cider


  1. Stud the ham with the cloves.
  2. Mix the honey, vinegar and cider in a saucepan. Stew together for 10 minutes over medium heat before pouring in the ham.
  3. Place ham in a roasting pan and reheat as stated in the directions that come with the meat while occasionally basting it with the juices. Use a roasting ham with tall sides.
  4. Place the ham in a serving platter. Put the cherries in the roasting pan with the juice and cook the mixture until the juice thickens and the cherries plumps.
  5. Pour the sauce in the ham in the serving platter for enhanced flavor.

Notes: If the ham comes on the bone, you can use the leftovers to make Split-Pea Soup.



(A Game of Thrones, Chapter 28)


3 ½ cups flour

3 tablespoons honey

2 teaspoons sugar

3 tablespoons ground almonds

2 ¼ teaspoons yeast

½ pint ale

Pinch of salt

½ or more cups of honey for soaking


  1. Dissolve the yeast in the warmed ale and leave it to froth up.
  2. Grind the almonds and sugar in a processor, and then combine it with flour and salt in a bowl.
  3. Make a hole in the mixture, and pour the yeasty ale. Mix it all together to produce smooth and consistent dough. Leave it in a warm place until it expands to double its size.
  4. Afterwards, knead it for a few minutes before making at leat 10 small buns.
  5. Let the buns rest for another 15 minutes until it expands again. Preheat an oven for 10 to 20 minutes at 375 °F.
  6. Place the buns inside and bake until it’s slightly golden.
  7. Cut a small hole on top of the baked buns (don’t poke all the way through), use a spoon to fill the hole with honey (repeatedly since the syrup can get soaked by the bread).


As soon as you’re done, switch on your TV or laptop, put your feet up, and start watching Game of Thrones while you enjoy your new masterpiece!

Not Just a Fruit: The Relevance of Pomegranates in Nations and Religion


The pomegranate is one of the most delicious exotic fruits you’ll ever taste. It’s extremely versatile, and several Manila catering services use it in a variety of culinary dishes and beverages that would make anyone drool helplessly. It’s also used for medicinal purposes; many experts have come to acknowledge the wonders pomegranates can do for your health.

But back then, people viewed pomegranates as something more than just food or medicine. In fact, numerous beliefs, myths, traditions, celebrations and even holidays are made in honor of the fruit. Do you find that hard to believe? Take a look at how certain ancient civilizations and even some existing modern countries and faiths view pomegranates.

Ancient Egypt

Early in history, the Egyptians regarded pomegranates as a symbol of ambition and prosperity. Based on some of their ancient records, they also used the fruit to treat tapeworms and other infections.

Ancient Greece

Long before Carthage brought the fruit to the Romans, ancient Greeks were already familiar with the fruit. In fact, they regard it as the fruit of the dead and that it first sprung up from the blood of a dying Adonis. The Greeks also attribute the pomegranate to the goddesses Persephone and Hera and other deities, use it to mark some of their old money, and enjoy it as a meal during certain holidays.

egypt pomegranate

Ancient Israel

Pomegranates were first mentioned in the Old Testament as the fruit scouts brought to Moses on their return from their reconnaissance trip to Canaan. It’s also embroidered in their High Priest’s robe, on the capital two pillars of Solomon’s Temple and some of the coinage of Judea. Today, Jews regard it as a symbol of fruitfulness, and it is their tradition to eat pomegranates during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

Ancient Persia

Ancient and modern Iranians view pomegranates as the symbol of love and fertility. Aside from that, Persian mythologies tell of Isfandiyar, a hero who became invincible after eating the fruit. It’s one of Iran’s most common crops, and people there use it for food and even textiles. Moreover, Tehran plays host to the annual Pomegranate festival during Octobers.


The pomegranate is Afghanistan’s favorite winter fruit. In fact, they enjoy two varieties of it: the first is sweet and dark red with hard seeds (this is usually found in Kandhar Province); and the second has soft seeds and varying colors that usually grows in the central and northern regions.

persian pomegranate dish


The Chinese view the pomegranate as an emblem of fertility and many offspring. Pictures of the fruit were hung in homes in hopes of getting blessings of numerous children as well as prosperity.

United States

The United States celebrates the National Pomegranate Month on Novembers. The fruit is cultivated in parts of Arizona and California.


Like the Iranians, people from Goychay, Azerbaijan celebrate an annual Pomegranate Festival during Octobers. They feature their best national pomegranate dishes, as well as a parade with the country’s traditional dances and music.



Pomegranates were used by early European Christians as a motif for their arts and decorations. The first known instance was the 4th-century floor mosaic in Hinton St. Mary, Dorset (this can now be found in the British Museum). Other artworks include those of Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Boticelli. The eastern Orthodox Church even include the seeds of the fruit on a dish for their memorial services, using it as a symbol for the sweetness that can only be tasted in heaven.


The Holy Qu’ran mentions pomegranates at least thrice as examples of the good things God created. A passage even mentions pomegranates growing in the gardens of paradise.

You don’t have to adapt any of these practices or beliefs, you can also enjoy pomegranates in your own unique way. Why not try experimenting with new dishes featuring the seedy fruit? Or you can just eat the fruit itself; you won’t get enough of it, that’s for sure!

4 Mouth-Watering Sweet Potato Dishes

Got more sweet potatoes than you’ve bargained for? Why not experiment and try to make lots of delicious dishes with it as the star ingredient! This is especially exciting if you remember being particularly fond of a sweet potato dish by your favourite Manila catering services, or if you simply just like sweet potatoes in general.

Here are a few recipes to choose from to get you started!


Quick Sweet Potato Hash

Quick Sweet Potato Hash

Loaded with tasty vegetables with sweet potatoes as the key ingredient, this Mexican dish can be eaten on the side or as the main course. Enjoy it on during breakfast, lunch or dinner; the choice is yours. You can even add an egg on top for extra protein.



1 small cubed sweet potato

½ small chopped yellow onions

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

¼ cayenne peppers

½ chopped bell peppers

¼ cup halved grape tomatoes

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

1 egg

Extra salt and pepper


  1. Place a small pan on a heater adjusted to medium temperatures.
  2. Add the olive oil and cook the sweet potatoes and onion in it, seasoning it with the cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and covering it for 5 minutes until it softens.
  3. Remove the lid and wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the mixture browns.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients excluding the egg and cilantro, and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure that everything is mixed perfectly.
  5. In the center of the hash mixture, make a hole with a spoon and add the egg. Cover with the lid until the egg whites set. This is optional.
  6. Garnish with cilantro and serve immediately.


Curried Carrot, Sweet Potato, and Ginger Soup


Made from sweet potatoes and pureed carrots, this creamy soup is a wonderful appetizer to try out. Unlike many of its counterparts which attribute its creaminess to milk and other dairy products, this dish has low fat content.



2 teaspoons canola oil

½ cups chopped shallots

3 cups ½-inch cubed sweet potato

1 ½ cups ¼-inch sliced carrots

1 tablespoon grated ginger

2 teaspoons curry powder

3 cups chicken broth (fat-free and less-sodium)

½ teaspoon salt


  1. Place oil on a large saucepan and heat over medium temperatures.
  2. Add shallots and sauté for 3 minutes until tender.
  3. Add sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, and curry. Cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil.
  5. Cover, reduce heat and let the soup simmer for 25 minutes. Stir while adding salt.
  6. Pour half of soup in a processor and pulse until it smoothens. Do the same with the rest.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Everybody loves good old-fashioned potato chips. But in case you’re looking for a nice alternative then here’s a healthy snack you can make from your own kitchen.



1 sweet potato, sliced thin

Coconut oil

Sea salt


Line a couple of baking sheets with parchment.
Place the chips on the baking sheet.
Brush a small amount of coconut oil on the chips.
Sprinkle with sea salt.
Bake in oven for 2 to 3 hours until cooked as preferred.

Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole

Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole

Who said apples and sweet potatoes can’t mix? When combined, these two super foods make an excellent dessert that everyone can appreciate.



2 medium sweet potatoes

1 ½ tablespoons softened unsalted butter

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

1/8 teaspoon ground allspice

3 Granny Smith apples

2 tablespoons maple syrup


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°.
  2. Peel the apples, core it, and cut it into ½-inch rings.
  3. Place the sweet potatoes on a piece of aluminum foil and roast until very tender. Let it cool slightly.
  4. Peel the potatoes, trim the ends, and slice into ½-inch rounds.
  5. Get a 2 ½-quart casserole dish and smear it with half the butter. Arrange half the apple cuts and sweet potato slices in alternating layers in the dish.
  6. Combine the ginger, cinnamon, and allspice in a bowl. Sprinkle the mixture along with maple syrup in the apple-potato layer.
  7. Place the rest of the apples and potatoes on top of the previous layer, with apples on top. Sprinkle the remaining spice mixture and maple syrup. Also dot the layers with the remaining butter.
  8. Cover and bake for about 45 minutes or until the apples become tender.

Sounds and looks delicious, doesn’t it? Get inside your kitchen now and start peeling those potatoes!

5 Food-Themed Parties That Should Be a “Thing”

Nowadays, you can just invite over a couple of friends, order a bunch of pizzas, and call it a ‘Pizza Party’. With a couple of pizzas and its cheesy goodness, everyone is bound to have a good time!

Just because you got no pizza for your guests doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw a party. There are thousands of other delicious foods you can prepare that will satisfy their hunger well enough, and you can make it the whole theme of your party too! You definitely won’t have a hard time coming up with any ideas; many Manila catering services offer a lot of food-themed parties for the larger. Other ideas can also be found online or through friends who had had similar gatherings.

pizza party

Point is, why should only pizzas have all the fun? There are other food-themed parties that would be good too, such:


Candy Party

candy buffet

Imagine turning your home into a veritable Candyland and you’re good to go. Get loads of candies, chocolates, and even ice cream (anything sweet will do). Set a bowl or tray loaded with the sweets at areas where your guests will gather. You can even set up a chocolate fountain or have a small candy sculpture made for the occasion. Or if you like, base your party on fictional works like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or the witch’s candy house in Hansel and Gretel. And since candy is the main theme, you and your guests ought to wear candy costumes as well.


Ethnic Food Party

japanese buffet

Celebrate different cultures around the world by setting their signature dishes as your party’s main theme. You can also have your friends wear corresponding costumes just to make things even cooler than it already is. Examples of familiar national dishes you can try out include the Japanese sushi and ramen, the Spanish paella, and the Mexican taco. Don’t limit yourself to these well-known foods, though; try out some of the more exotic dishes as well. There’s the Iranian Polow (Persian Rice), the Indonesian Nasi Goreng, and the Ethiopian Doro Wett.


Insert-Your-Favorite-Restaurant-Here Party


Since your party is about food anyway, why not make best-selling restaurants and cafes its main theme? You can even don a costume of their mascots for the occasion. Choose among your favorite characters such as Jollibee, Mr. Yum, Hetty, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburlar, and Colonel Sanders and be one of them for the night. As for the food, you can simply order it from the nearest restaurant and have it delivered in your home. Compared to having to cook, it’s faster and it’s less costly (depending on how many are you).


Anything Dairy Party


For milk lovers, having a dairy party is the bomb. And since there are hundreds of dairy dishes out there, you can easily satisfy your lactose-tolerant guests’ cravings. It’s one of your more exclusive parties (like gatherings for LOTR fans, cat lovers, etc.), since only a certain group of people can enjoy it. Warning: Lactose-intolerant guests might experience various discomforts.


Healthy Food Party

healthy buffetIt’s always a good idea to maintain a proper diet. So the next time you throw a party, better prepare some healthy snacks and dishes. It’s ideal for health-conscious guests; at least they won’t have to worry if what they’re eating is good or bad for them. It also raises awareness for people to take care of their physical well-being. It can also be turned into a nice costume party, with your favorite healthy food as your outfit.


These are only some of the examples of food-themes parties you can try out. For more, better call the nearest catering services.


The Laws of In-Laws for Harmonious Co-Existence

Nobody thinks about their parents-in-laws without dread. They’re always there, giving (often unsolicited) advice when you two are still in the courtship stage, forcing you to find the best catering in Manila for your wedding reception that matches their standards, and appearing in that same wedding reception and giving encouraging (sometimes subtly threatening) speeches. Once you marry your partner, they’ll be permanently stuck in your life. And to get along with them, you need to obey certain laws. Here are a few to get you started


Honor Your Parents-in-Law

It means being polite to them, even when they sometimes seemed rude to you. It also means respecting them and considering any advice they give you about your marriage. Parents still know best, even if you’re a grown-up. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything they say; there are some things you and your partner have to figure out on your own. And if you’re still thinking of being mean to your in-laws, imagine how you’d feel if you see your spouse acts the same towards your parents.




Accept Your Differences

Her father likes basketball while you prefer soccer. His mom loves vanilla ice cream whereas you like chocolate-flavored. It doesn’t matter. A lot of couples who have nothing in common can still have a successful and happy married life. That same principle applies in getting along with your in-laws and even your own parents. Just because their beliefs and principles are different from yours doesn’t mean they’re bad and you’re not. You guys are simply different from each other.

Make an Effort

Since your parents-in-laws and you are in it for the long haul, you might as well try to get along with them. Get to know them and find out what they like or what they don’t. Spend time with them and do simple things like the laundry or chores or watching series together. You’d surprised how much it helps! A little warning, though: Do it without being too annoying or overbearing. Otherwise, you might turn them off instead of build up the rapport you need.


"How NOT to be liked by your in-laws."

“How NOT to be liked by your in-laws.”



Kissing isn’t the best thing you can do with your lips, you know; communicating is! Besides, you can’t be all mushy with your parents-in-laws. Gross! Instead, have a proper conversation with them. No false courtesies, no non-sense, just plain old real talk. Also remember that you only have one mouth but two ears. So listen first before speaking.

Give Them Grandchildren

Giving your in-laws a kid to spoil is the best thing you can do to make them happy. That’s because by having a child, you’re giving them grandparent privileges. It means they’ll have someone other than you and your partner to focus their energy on. And it’s amazing how much a baby’s smile can endear you to your partner’s parents.


A wise man once said that when you marry someone, you marry the entire family too. That’s so true in many ways, especially when talking about the parents. Like it or not, your in-laws are here to stay. Just deal with it! Besides, they do want to be friends with you, you just have to work really hard at it.

Love Marriages VS Arranged Marriage – Which Really is Better?


Have you ever heard your parents make subtle hints about someone they want you to meet? How would you react if they tell you that they want you to marry that person, someone you barely even know? Would you thank them or would you be appalled? Believe it or not, it used to be unusual to get married because you have feelings for your partner. There was a time when marriages were arranged by parents, and they get to choose the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with; at least, if the parents of the other party agree. Some families still practice it here in the Philippines; they’ll even shoulder the expenses to get the best catering in manila if that’s what it takes.

But which really is the better choice: for duty or for affections? Let’s take a look at the facts:

Chances of dun-dun-dun DIVORCE

Statistic show that around 50% of love marriages end in divorce while the average percentage rate for couples in an arranged marriage is less than 10%. These facts have led even scholars to ask whether arranged marriages are better than love marriages. However, many experts suggest that these low rates may not reflect stability of the union; rather, it could be due to the possibility that some of the families who practice arranged marriage view divorce with disdain and would ostracize anyone willing to do so.

Life after exchanging vows

A lot of surveys and studies have been undertaken for decades to determine which union would lead to a better marital life. The results are mixed; neither love nor arranged marriages can guarantee that one is better than the other. Both can develop to loving and healthy relationships. And both have the potential to deteriorate into a dysfunctional union, with possibilities of marital abuse.

arranged marriage

Hu u?

Reasons for Marriage

There’s also the issue of the parent’s meddling to deal with. While most parents do pick the ideal spouse for their children, others tend to arrange marriage for wrong reasons (To preserve wealth, to achieve political ends, you name it!). It was even reported that some parents came to dislike their son- or daughter-in-law for certain irreconcilable differences they haven’t noticed before. In short, even if our parents do know best, they can make mistakes sometimes.

But it’s just emotions…

Love marriages are based on your affections for your partner. It’s initially more passionate and spontaneous, and a certain level of comfort and familiarity has been developed between the couple prior to tying the knot. However, no long-lasting marriage can be sustained by just emotions; for that you need devotion and commitment. You’d be surprised to know that many newly married couples miscalculated how ready they were for marriage, considering how unprepared they actually were to face these challenges.

Arranged marriage may not have the same sizzle as its autonomous counterpart, but it’s no less exciting. Ironically, adjusting to a married life with a spouse you barely know is easier than doing it with someone you’ve known for quite some time. They also tend to be more sensitive to their partner’s needs, as people who just met are. And the best part is, arranged marriage is based on commitment first. Their love and affection for each other would develop overtime.

These show that both love marriages and arranged marriages have its different advantages and disadvantages. In the end, all that matters is that you honor your commitment to the person with whom you exchanged vows, and that you’re willing to stay by his or her side ‘til death do you part.

The Best Man’s Guide to Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Are you feeling edgy as your wedding day draws near? Considering making a run for it? Well, don’t even think about it! Don’t you dare worry about whether or not you could get through with this, or about how the wedding’s going to go (unless you still haven’t called the best wedding catering services around, in which case, you’d better call now).

Most grooms do get pre-wedding jitters before the date, but that’s completely normal. Heck, your bride is probably as scared as you, if not more! Marriage is a really huge commitment to make, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go through with it. After all, why propose in the first place? Because you love her, of course! Marriage is a wonderful and exciting adventure, and isn’t it one of your life goals to tie the knot with the girl of your dreams?

From one man to another, here are a few things to remember to help you (or the groom, if you dear reader are the best man) get over your pre-wedding jitters.

pre-wedding jitters 3

Nobody’s perfect.

No, you’re not going to marry the perfect girl. But that’s okay (It’s great, in fact!), since you’re not perfect either, and marriage is about two flawed individuals working together to build a strong and loving partnership. It won’t be a perfect relationship; like everything else in life, marriage has ups and downs. But that’s no reason to back down on your commitment. Besides, it’s not about marrying the right person, but being the right person for the one you love.

Don’t worry about expectations.

Are you scared of disappointing your future wife? Or are you afraid of being disappointed in her? Both of you have expectations in marriage, but there’s no sense getting worked up about them. Yes, some of your expectations won’t be met (and hers too). But that’s marriage for you, buddy; it’s full of surprises, and a lot of them are actually pretty wonderful.

pre-wedding jitters 2
Are you having second thoughts?

Are you really just feeling pre-wedding jitters because you feel like it’s such a huge event in your life or are you actually questioning your decision? Do you really want to marry that girl? If you know deep in your heart that you love her, then calm your tits, bro! If no, then ask yourself why. Is there something about her that you feel won’t be able to cope with? Or are you still struggling with something that your future wife might not be able to deal with? You should try to solve these issues at least before putting the ring on. Remember that once you’re in, you’re in it for life.

Pause. Take a deep breath. Ponder.

Still thinking of running away? Stop and think about it for a while. Think of what you’re planning to do. Think of that awesome girl you’re about to marry. Is leaving her really worth it? Dude, don’t do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. You might not get a second chance.


Tell your best man.

That’s the best advice you can get. Confide everything you’re feeling or thinking of doing in your best man, so you’ll have somebody who can foil your escape plan. Better yet, he can remind you precisely how much you want to marry your bride-to-be, and how he saw how in love you are with her through all this time. And in case you’re already at the end of the aisle and you’re still anxious, we’ll have a big juicy slap ready for you! (Although we’re pretty sure once the bride walks down the aisle you’ll be absolutely sure you want to get married.)

In the end, it’s really up to you if you want to give in to your pre-wedding jitters or not. And we’re pretty sure you don’t, why else did you bother proposing and planning the whole wedding in the first place?